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11:50 <developer-visito> tt
11:55 <aaronpk> hello
11:59 <caseorganic> developer-visito: hello
11:59 <developer-visito> hi. sorry, was just figuring out my nickname =)
12:00 <developer-visito> i'm kinda interested in geoloqi ... didnt went much into details yet ... but ... if i'm already here ... are there any limitations with this platform. I guess all app logic could be running on "our" server and user geoloqi just for geo based actions and stuff ?
12:01 <aaronpk> yea that describes it pretty well. We handle all the geofencing and can just notify your server when someone gets into an area.
12:02 <caseorganic> developer-visito: that's correct. we handle all of the storage and logic for those actions, and the SDKs for iPhone and Android handle battery management, background location and any triggers associated with locations.
12:02 <developer-visito> sounds perfect. thanks
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12:36 <@vruba> Did you guys hear about that new thing? "Coffee"? http://t.co/bkK2mSPQ
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16:32 <@MayorRock> @kwestin subtle @geoloqi plug (photo credit)
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17:50 <@kyledrake> @MayorRock @kwestin @geoloqi There is a @RonWyden bill that seeks to address this. I've read the bill, and I like it. http://t.co/Z0gIYt8w
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18:56 <kyledrake> !tell aaronpk We need to add a column for the stripe_customer_id in the master db
18:56 <Loqi> Ok, I'll tell them that when I see them next
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