00:23 <darknoon> aaronpk: I pushed up the stuff I was working on earlier
00:24 <darknoon> now working on some more stuffsies :P
01:04 <@GunsThomas> Proberen in Gent te raken: http://t.co/qg2I1yHm
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08:54 <davidmccabe> Is Geoloqi based in Portland?
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08:56 <davidmccabe> Nevermind, WP says 'yes'.
09:26 <@AkinAjayi> @matthewteller i think the geoloqi app on the iPhone might do the trick
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14:14 <@blairdods> @geoloqi Any update on when the Instamapper connections will be enabled again? Keep up the good work.
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14:28 <@geoloqi> @blairdods Should be back around this time tomorrow. Thanks for hanging in with us!
14:42 <@blairdods> @geoloqi Cool, thanks for the update. Love what you guys are doing with Geoloqi.
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