00:20 <@gisportalcz> MapAttack,ulice je naším hřištěm http://t.co/mJu3UA1t
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06:36 <aaronpk_> tjgillies: darn, I was asleep
06:36 <aaronpk_> thanks tho
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10:58 <@Radiago> @patrickarlt wait, you work at geoloqi?
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18:20 <Wraithan> tjgillies: ping
18:21 <Wraithan> tjgillies: want to talk to you sometime about your nerdout layer/plancast thing
18:21 <Wraithan> I wanna abstract it so you can sign up for various tags and if anything with that tag shows up you get the notification, making more generally useful
18:22 <Wraithan> tags and distance for the tag
18:23 <Wraithan> nerdouts I want to be in the city, but things like century rides or something within oregon/washington is close enough
18:25 <Wraithan> I can help build the interface in the layer if you want, since I am going to be in that space anyway doing geoloqi-workout-tracker stuff soon
18:25 <Wraithan> /cc aaronpk_
18:28 <aaronpk> Wraithan: that's awesome
18:30 <Wraithan> likes that geoloqi makes location stuff easy so he doesn't have to think about all the hard parts and can just glue things together.
18:31 <Wraithan> likes eating glue
18:31 <Wraithan> I mean using glue.
18:31 <Wraithan> using.
18:33 <Wraithan> aaronpk: you can quote me on that.
18:33 <Wraithan> the good things about geoloqi
18:33 <Wraithan> not the glue.
18:40 <@Wraithan> @Geoloqi is great because it takes care of the hard parts of geo for me so I don't have to think about them and can glue things together.
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23:36 <@jeremybondsf> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/oBiouJ2w