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08:42 <@r1990297> 「Geoloqi」をインストールしました。 http://t.co/AOGozGff
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09:36 <@salvor7> TILY: that TILT stands for thing I learned today.
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13:00 <@marshallk> Just drove by Portland's International Elementary School, looks awesome! http://t.co/kdadaLqC thanks @geoloqi for the push notification!
13:16 <@jhelwig> @geekygirldawn Geoloqi + X10?
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13:28 <@aaronpk> @chrisorourke @geekygirldawn @caseorganic Wow, @ecobee looks really neat! I can't find their API tho, would be fun to connect to @geoloqi!
13:32 <@chrisorourke> @aaronpk @geekygirldawn @caseorganic @ecobee @geoloqi Yeah that lack of API/compatibility with x10 or insteon is my only gripe. Try venstar?
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