02:34 <@dschotthoefer> @caseorganic my @geoloqi app keeps shutting down. It's also not locating me. I tried a restart, still didn't work. Any tips?
06:38 <@zhongwei> 基于位置的实时游戏MapAttack的技术实现 http://t.co/7wmppAy9 主要用 Socket.io,node.js,和Redis。
08:00 <@caseorganic> @dschotthoefer Strange! What kind of phone are you on? Are you running Geoloqi for Android?
09:30 <@steelemaley> Photo: So many possibilities for mLearning here….(via Geoloqi - A Private Realtime Platform for Location... http://t.co/jSalrIhj
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10:54 <@caseorganic> @dschotthoefer Very strange! I haven't had that issue. Can you check iPhone settings to see if Geoloqi can still access location?
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13:42 <@vruba> Burrito?, then hangouts with @adamdicarlo on Alberta. http://t.co/qZNLXMIA
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