08:56 <@oscargodson> Heading out to Yammer HQ! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/LGouIqdy
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09:40 <@oscargodson> Why does @geoloqi not track my specific route, just a diagonal line even with hi res being on and why no line on native app? /cc @aaronpk
10:08 <@sorenmacbeth> @rjurney maybe geoloqi?
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10:18 <@caseorganic> @rjurney If you don't find something you need with Geoloqi, we can probably make something for you too!
10:18 <@rjurney> Testing Geoloqi: Automatic checkins, location alarms. What I've always wanted.
10:20 <@geoloqi> Have you made an interesting GPS trail with Geoloqi? Add it to the Flickr Group! http://t.co/tM09loJp
10:28 <@rjurney> Wish I owned stock in Geoloqi #in
10:38 <@geoloqi> @rjurney Thanks! We're quite flattered. We haven't released the cool stuff yet, though. :)
11:14 <@caseorganic> @sorenmacbeth Thanks for reccomending @geoloqi to @rjurney!
11:22 <@sorenmacbeth> @caseorganic @geoloqi @rjurney Always happy to recommend awesome products! ;-)
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12:26 <@rjurney> .@geoloqi I can tell. But you're on your way, on the path to the geographic singularity.
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14:10 <@vruba> Errands and probably coffee downtown. Say hi. #pdx #geoloqi http://t.co/rSzV9INZ
15:52 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: #nerdout Geoloqi message http://t.co/7rCOsqTO [Flickr]
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18:06 <@rubygems> omniauth-geoloqi (0.1.0): http://t.co/cV9ChWwd Geoloqi adapter for Omniauth.
18:14 <@kyledrake> @mbleigh Just put together omniauth-geoloqi! http://t.co/H98L3u8c Feel free to add to your website if so inclined.
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18:54 <@oscargodson> Wtf @geoloqi works using my MiFi with my iPhone but not iPod on MiFi? /cc @aaronpk
19:20 <@oscargodson> *Sigh* @geoloqi wont send updates & hasnt forever even when I push the button with cell service. It's let me & my friends down twice 2day :(
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19:24 <@oscargodson> Hard quitting @geoloqi seems to have solved the not posting any points but I lost all my saved points
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20:54 <@sllecks> @MattSutherland_ Check out http://t.co/xgwQzUKF 's map attack. I think it's in that direction
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