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10:02 <@theyoginme> Amber case of geoloqi presenting at Psf demo day http://t.co/qdJ2CWS5
10:02 <@pdxseedfund> @geoloqi now taking the stage, CEO: Amber Case
10:04 <@pdxmitch> Amber Case with Geoloqi rockin #pdxdemoday now. http://t.co/W4bHRJgf
10:04 <@DavidWUslan> @geoloqi now up @#pdxdemoday. Good Luck!
10:08 <@pdxseedfund> check out http://t.co/clVyX9ze to track the international space station in real time
10:14 <@robindoussard> Amber Case, ceo @geoloqi. Impressive at #pdxdemoday.
10:20 <@PatrickQuinton> Presentations from first 4 startups @pdxseedfund demo day: @vizify LaunchSide @teamhively @geoloqi #pdx4biz
11:00 <@dschotthoefer> @andrewhyde have any recs on a good geofence platform? I dloaded geoloqi a couple weeks ago - they're out of PDX.
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11:20 <@caseorganic> @dschotthoefer Also - hello! Thanks for downloading @geoloqi!
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15:04 <@johnweiss> @caseorganic Tweeted too soon. Should have put a link to your video, instead of the one that mentions you. http://t.co/7pDsXQpw
16:06 <@andyet> A filmed interview with the amazing @caseorganic, @geoloqi's cyborg anthropologist and software futurist http://t.co/QSkAK007
16:30 <@BasilLeaf> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! #occupyoakland http://t.co/G22EW48x
17:36 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: surroundingsignifiers - Blog - Geoloqi and the Future of Location: caseorganic po... http://t.co/JztXDf3S
17:38 <@BasilLeaf> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! #occupyoakland http://t.co/BbD5MQes
18:20 <@BasilLeaf> why thank you geoloqi http://t.co/lvaqvLbC
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22:34 <@RmsGvo> Portland Seed Fund shows off first class of startups, awaits germination: Geoloqi: Tools for location tracking u... http://t.co/J27AIbNe