00:32 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: MapAttack <!doctype society> http://t.co/0a7A7doc [Flickr]
03:02 <@achaido> On our way in to Copenhagen. http://t.co/I6eXqadu #location
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10:08 <@caseorganic> @jeffboyus Send them here! Or to info@playmapattack.org!
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10:26 <@kcomandich> Heading back to Portland by train. Beautiful sunrise when I caught the ferry this morning. http://t.co/zHi8ESgG
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10:46 <atonyc> what. is. crackin.
10:47 <atonyc> can we meet friday to talk about what spotsi needs from loqi, a dev chat
10:47 <atonyc> or at least best practices
13:34 <@caseorganic> @oscargodson @BangTheMonkey @wyattdanger Agreed! We have @geoloqi set to trigger on the lights when we arrive home, and off when we leave.
13:34 <@BangTheMonkey> @oscargodson @wyattdanger Add in @geoloqi location awareness for added gold.
13:40 <@caseorganic> @BangTheMonkey Here's the source code for home automation with Geoloqi. http://t.co/fje1oeW0 @aaronpk built a Siri-like bot that runs it.
13:44 <@heloisacsp> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/gjPF7grT
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13:58 <@spinneyo> Catch me if you can. Only 10 minutes left! http://t.co/yr07YMtq
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14:30 <@oscargodson> @caseorganic @bangthemonkey @wyattdanger @geoloqi How much data approx. is transmitted with it on every, lets say, hour?
14:32 <@oscargodson> @caseorganic @bangthemonkey @wyattdanger @geoloqi asking because i have a 5GB cap, but i want to use it constantly, but wanna be safe
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16:03 <Wraithan> aaronpk: lisa is geoloqi team?
16:05 <aaronpk> Wraithan: she's been hanging out with us the last few days at PIE, but not officially geoloqi team
16:05 <Wraithan> Ah ok
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16:40 <@znmeb> @billlascher Geoloqi? I know it works on Android ... PDX folks built it!
16:42 <@znmeb> @billlascher Try Geoloqi App Store - Geoloqi http://t.co/7WpsnzNK ... the developers live here ;-)
16:42 <@geoloqi> @billlascher Yeah! @Geoloqi would work! IPhone and Android and exports to Google Earth! http://t.co/X5MJ54B6 http://t.co/HiEh2Uqq
16:44 <@billlascher> @geoloqi thanks. Will give that a look to. Props to znmeb for the recommendation.
16:48 <@billlascher> @geoloqi ooh. Your app looks really cool. I am encouraged by the full privacy control & battery management. Will let you know how it goes.
17:04 <@geoloqi> @billlascher Thanks! You can get to battery management through settings on the app. We're releasing better batt life app soon!
19:02 <@reidab> On the road to the NPP #NASATweetup. Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/PLeuH6cd
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22:06 <@ABJackson> Prepping those @pdxseedfund companies for demo day. More cowbell? No, just more dinosaur, @geoloqi! Nice work @ambercase and @aaronpk
22:12 <@ABJackson> getting ready to roll for @pdxseedfund demo day, with @launchside, @zinofile, @teamhively, @geoloqi, @4-tell, @HMSCHL, @AudioName, @vizify
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