01:08 <@sonicbyte> Interesting: Building a Real-Time Location-Based Geofencing Game with Socket.io, Redis, Node.js and Sinatra Synchrony http://t.co/xzeio7Yb
03:34 <@3DRealtime> +1 RT @sonicbyte: Interesting: A Real-Time Location-Based Game w Socket.io, Redis, Node.js and Sinatra Synchrony http://t.co/eUrNKyim
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12:26 <@caseorganic> Does anyone know of some good small office space in downtown or SE Portland for rent? @geoloqi is looking for some quiet space to work.
12:34 <@starsandfrogs> @geoloqi @caseorganic said you need space to work. I have office room I am thinking to rent It's quiet & depending on ur needs it might work
12:36 <@chrisorourke> @caseorganic @geoloqi 18th and division area had some great deals advertised last weekend.
12:48 <@Adron> @chrisorourke @caseorganic @geoloqi It did however look like some really great spaces... and division is, well, simply, awesome. ;)
12:48 <@Adron> @chrisorourke @caseorganic @geoloqi Last I was in PDX I rode down Division and saw that also... not sure about sq footage though.
12:48 <@Jmartens> @caseorganic @geoloqi your own space or shared space? I know that 123 NW 2nd #301 rents desks. Quiet, cool space.
13:02 <@caseorganic> Watching International Space Station real-time on @geoloqi! Currently moving at 25,080km/hr! http://t.co/KpAQaLSE Thanks to @natronics!
13:08 <@mikeo46> Going to play a game of MapAttack (http://t.co/JUqqTo28) after tonight's <!doctype society> meeting. Fun!
13:24 <@damac23> cool: current ISS-position with GM http://t.co/SWoP1vDz #fb
13:26 <@gahlord> “@caseorganic: anyone know of good small office space in dt or SE Portland for rent? @geoloqi is looking.” c: @jbern @garrons
13:32 <@Adron> International Space Station on @Geoloqi - > http://t.co/Ea1ITrxq Very cool. :) Watch it traveling in real time.
13:40 <@brian_henderson> International Space Station real time tracking map via @Geoloqi: http://t.co/qJCIC5Zn #iss #space
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13:58 <@jonjohns65> @caseorganic @geoloqi @natronics That is seriously cool! Are you coming to @whereconf next year?
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14:40 <@thiscollective> Hi! I'm the International Space Station! I'm a habitable, artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. http://t.co/sWCTREwa
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19:54 <@doctypesociety> Played "suburban" MapAttack. It was cold, the map was huge so we played in cars. Crazy fun! /@ambercase @playmapattack http://t.co/xBsT4FtT
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21:04 <@ErikRalston> @doctypesociety was good as always, @playmapattack was an interesting, and victorious, experience
22:56 <@caseorganic> @jeffboyus @doctypesociety @ErikRalston So excited you got to play @playmapattack! Hope to see pics! @xaritas sorry the game lagged! @andyet