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03:04 <Wraithan> I wont be able to help with map attack games until I get a new phone unless I can borrow a dev phone
03:04 <Wraithan> Dropped my phone tonight and it no longer registers that it has a SIM card anymore
07:44 <@lnial> 自転車がパンクして歩いて帰ってる。 http://t.co/WAxjnPMU
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10:06 <@nosqlfan> 基于位置的实时游戏MapAttack的技术实现 http://t.co/22wdZMFL
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10:42 <aaronpk> Wraithan lol that's unfortunate
10:43 <Wraithan> Yeah
10:43 <aaronpk> we do have 2 test phones luckily, just need a warm body to run around with them :)
10:55 <Wraithan> will gladly use one during the games
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14:22 <@nickjamespdx> I've made plans for MapAttack! at Ladd's Addition http://t.co/wSEJRMoi
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19:50 <@gaochunhui> 基于位置的实时游戏MapAttack的技术实现: MapAttack是一款实时的,基于地理位置的游戏,其通过Socket.io,node.js,和Redis实现了其实时性。下面文章对整个游戏及其技术实现... http://t.co/dZInzf5b [GR分享]
20:04 <@netfishx> 基于位置的实时游戏MapAttack的技术实现 http://t.co/q5JOKofD
20:18 <@HeseyWang> 基于位置的实时游戏MapAttack的技术实现 - NoSQLFan - 关注NoSQL相关技术、新闻 http://t.co/FhwS205T
20:20 <@litetune> MapAttack - a real-time location-based mobile gaming platform of awesomeness http://t.co/hhxAuXT5
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23:56 <@redchair> Geoloqi - A Private Realtime Platform for Location Sharing http://t.co/HlObg1gO #geo