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05:16 <@sindikos> MapAttack! Real-Time, Location-Based Urban Geofencing Game http://t.co/bxWYjZr5 & how it was done: http://t.co/ZorDOAes #geolocation #mobile
07:00 <@MartinOuellet> Géo-trippeux, voici une app mobile en temps réel qui combine #geolocation et #geofencing http://t.co/4Lcc7dLU via @geotribu @geoloqi
07:00 <@MartinOuellet> Géo-trippeux, voici une app mobile en temps réel qui combine #geolocation et #geofencing http://t.co/4Lcc7dLU via @geotribu @geoloqi
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07:48 <@janetleejohnson> Love the #PDX-based putanappleonit.com avatar changer from Aaron Parecki of @Geoloqi!
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11:48 <@reidab> Running errands for @WhereCampPDX today! http://t.co/6UCJFzCu
14:56 <@Wraithan> @caseorganic @playmapattack All of the above. Or if I must choose, Ladd on Sunday.
14:56 <@caseorganic> If you were to play a game of @playmapattack in Portland, would you play it Sat 10/22 or Sun 10/23? Park blocks or Ladd's Addition?
15:08 <@sMichaelGriffin> @caseorganic I wanna @playmapattack but it'd have to be a weekday - post-work / happy hour time is always a good time
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15:34 <developer-visito> hello
15:35 <developer-visito> i have a question about message/send
15:35 <developer-visito> yesterday it was working, but now it's throwing a 500 error
15:35 <developer-visito> "error_description" = "Internal error: Database error: Column 'target_user_id' cannot be null";
15:35 <developer-visito> it does the same thing in the Console
15:37 <developer-visito> actually, in the console, i'm getting:
15:37 <developer-visito> "error_description": "Access denied to this resource."
15:42 <aaronpk> oh thanks! let me take a look
15:54 <@Lokein> Location and space based programs like @geoloqi really make me wish I had reason to leave the 2 square blocks of campus more often.
16:01 <aaronpk> developer-visito: Thanks for catching that! Looks like we inadvertently pushed up some code last night that broke it. It's fixed now!
16:02 <developer-visito> w00t!
16:02 <Loqi> ACTION giggles
16:02 <aaronpk> You likely won't be able to send from the developer console unless you switch it to run as your application.
16:02 <developer-visito> thanks for fixing it so quickly
16:03 <developer-visito> should message/send trigger a push notification to my iphone app?
16:04 <aaronpk> it should. I see it went out on this end. Did you not get it?
16:04 <developer-visito> no. probably something misconfigured on my end
16:04 <developer-visito> the problem is, the appdelegate method is never executed:
16:04 <developer-visito> - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken:(NSData *)_deviceToken {
16:05 <developer-visito> and i'm not sure why.
16:05 <aaronpk> ooh, you are writing your own native app?
16:05 <developer-visito> i have the appID registered for dev push in our Provisioning Portal
16:05 <developer-visito> yeah. i'm trying at least
16:07 <aaronpk> It's going out through our Geoloqi app. Do you have it installed on the phone too?
16:07 <developer-visito> it's on an iPod Touch, but yeah, it's on there
16:09 <aaronpk> oh, I see "testing pushing" as the device token. You'll need to send the apple push token.
16:10 <developer-visito> ah, i send GeoLoqi my push notification token
16:10 <developer-visito> and then you guys push on my ehalf?
16:10 <developer-visito> on my behalf?
16:10 <aaronpk> that will send the device's push token to us, but in order for us to deliver a push to your app, we will need your push certificate
16:10 <aaronpk> yes, exactly
16:10 <developer-visito> gotcha
16:11 <developer-visito> that makes sense
16:13 <aaronpk> you can email me the apple key/secret to aaron@geoloqi.com and I'll add it on our end.
16:21 <developer-visito> the APN token is just the device token?
16:21 <aaronpk> it's not the UUID, but it's similar. you get it in the response to - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken:(NSData *)_deviceToken
16:22 <aaronpk> i think the answer to your question is yes.
16:22 <developer-visito> and which key/secret do you need? all i can see is the cert
16:23 <aaronpk> I need the private key you used to generate the certificate, as well as the certificate apple sent back.
16:23 <developer-visito> ok
16:23 <developer-visito> i'll get those.
16:23 <aaronpk> they should start with -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- and -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
16:23 <developer-visito> but the other problem that i'm having is that the appdelegate method: - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken:(NSData *)_deviceToken
16:23 <developer-visito> is not being run
16:24 <aaronpk> are you running it in the simulator or on a device?
16:24 <developer-visito> device
16:24 <aaronpk> did you see the "so and so wants to send you push notifications" prompt at some point?
16:25 <developer-visito> no
16:25 <aaronpk> also you need to have called [[UIApplication sharedApplication] registerForRemoteNotificationTypes:(UIRemoteNotificationTypeBadge | UIRemoteNotificationTypeSound | UIRemoteNotificationTypeAlert)]
16:25 <aaronpk> in your app delegate
16:25 <developer-visito> i think my code signing identity is wrong, but I only have one option when choosing
16:25 <developer-visito> yep, that's being run
16:26 <aaronpk> ah that is likely. it's confusing to get those to match
16:26 <aaronpk> you need to sign it with the same certificate that you use to generate the push certificate
16:26 <developer-visito> the profile exists on the device.
16:26 <developer-visito> yeah, i think i have an ide
16:26 <developer-visito> a
16:34 <@tylergillies> I've made plans for MapAttack! at Jamison Park http://t.co/Dor6TvNi
17:46 <@geografa> Heading to #wherecamppdx opener! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/qJgATGCu
18:46 <aaronpk> developer-visito: i'm heading out, send me the certificate details and i'll get it added to the system!
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