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09:24 <@geoloqi> @BoxOfSnoo Here's a link that works for now until we get the form updated on the new site: http://t.co/eVQx1obi
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14:16 <@geoloqi> @spotsi Awesome, looking forward to @WhereCampPDX! See you there!
14:30 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: MapAttack Monster Weighted Graph http://t.co/FqZs09f2 [Flickr]
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21:10 <@roloplane> Hey #ifttt and #geoloqi hang out, get married, make a baby, man that would be awesome...
21:14 <@geoloqi> @roloplane We'd love to! @ifttt: How do we add ourselves as a trigger channel? We've got plenty of events we can send out!
21:34 <@aaronpk> @ltibbets Would love to get in touch with you about adding @Geoloqi as a channel! We're set up to do triggers: http://t.co/KOdf7Lcy