01:44 <@achaido> Gör stockholm osäkert. Idag Kungsholmen. Låt oss se hur geoloqi funkar i t-banan. http://t.co/iv6LVRkv
06:14 <@horvathpeti> Don't you just love games connecting real life with virtual devices? Here's MapAttack: http://t.co/qMRQg0lp
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10:52 <@aaronpk> On a secret @piepdx field trip! Follow the bus! http://t.co/crXxNkZi
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16:06 <@anselm> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/aezBGEcl
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16:20 <@chris23> @ronjon @auntlali check out geoloqi if you haven't already.
18:00 <@gletham> @sacca you should run geoloqi and we could track him in real time!
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20:54 <@mpanighetti> Off to the theater! Join me, won't you? http://t.co/QDnjfjkd
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