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09:00 <@DanielHonigman> Hanging out at PIE with @turoczy @kenkeiter and the folks at @geoloqi. (@mollieann would like the @geoloqi logo too)
10:02 <@robnero> @caseorganic Look forward to your keynote! ...and hearing what you've been up to with your exciting @geoloqi
10:14 <@TSchlichting> Heading home! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/btQ7qpb
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17:16 <blk> aaronpk: what does geoloqi use for its distance metric?
17:17 <blk> e.g. plate carree, spherical, spheroidal
17:17 <blk> etc..
17:21 <aaronpk> spherical distances
17:23 <blk> k thank you
21:54 <@kyledrake> Going to a concert or something, the Castanets or something. http://t.co/C4yj4qj
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