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07:28 <@tedder42> @geoloqi how do I disconnect my twitter acct from one geoloqi acct and connect it to another? got the "errorsaur".
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09:42 <@geoloqi> @tedder42 We sent you an email to follow up with this. Thanks!
09:44 <@geoloqi> @atlemo Check out the history section on your map page, you should see a KML export button there now! Give it a try!
09:48 <@atlemo> @geoloqi Sweeet! It works great! All though I can't see the start of the trip even though I set the right time.
10:00 <@atlemo> @geoloqi Strange, if I changed the "thinning" it gave me the whole history.
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11:48 <@geoloqi> @atlemo Wow! That's fantastic! Looks great!!
11:54 <@atlemo> @geoloqi I mentioned you here: http://t.co/fu5S9he
12:02 <@geoloqi> @atlemo Fantastic! Do you mind if we use your photos for a write-up on our blog?
12:08 <@atlemo> @geoloqi Sure, go ahead!
12:32 <@caseorganic> Heading to @piepdx! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/HnUlNyt
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15:28 <@andrewhyde> @ShaneMac no country for old men this! http://t.co/oo5EMD2
16:12 <@oscargodson> @mctittiez Id start using @geoloqi tho so you can track it starting now. Plus, lots of other cool stuff you can do with it
17:04 <@casebot> Caseorganic was blogged about in:Hyper Interactive Uses Geoloqi for iPhone to Track Balloon Flight 17 ...: Poste... http://t.co/O2Ld2Bc
19:54 <@caseorganic> Awesome! @atlemo used @Geoloqi to track a balloon flight 17 km in the air with Norway's Hyper Interaktiv agency! http://loqi.me/2iQ
19:56 <@geoloqi> Cool! @atlemo and Hyper Interaktiv used @Geoloqi to track a balloon's flight 17 km in the air! http://loqi.me/2iQ
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23:14 <@stormanker> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/pPdGFoC
23:40 <@ivalasek> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/j7yTrGd