07:34 <@mdusing> Hey @geoloqi RT @tamegoeswild My tribute to SteveJobs - 21KM Apple logo in central Tokyo http://t.co/8jrW4hW #artofrunning #run_jp #iPhone
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14:32 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi they are saved, but not to the live dvd that I boot that machine up with, guess I need to try and get geoloqi working better
14:48 <@oscargodson> @saspree Ooh, ooh, my friends at @geoloqi like @caseorganic and @aaronpk . Download it!
14:50 <@oscargodson> @saspree @geoloqi @caseorganic @aaronpk No, don't think so, but there is one on @github somewhere… lemme look
14:50 <@saspree> @oscargodson @geoloqi @caseorganic @aaronpk Is it one that can see where your iPhone has already been?
15:10 <@caseorganic> @saspree @oscargodson Yeah! If you track your location you can see where you were before with @Geoloqi.
15:24 <@oscargodson> @caseorganic @saspree @geoloqi I think she wants to track all time usage like iPhone Tracker ( http://t.co/A7u6Ert )
15:24 <@oscargodson> @saspree What program? @geoloqi or the one on @github ? The one on @github don't download the app, just get the file it says it looks at...
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