05:46 <@anetqedu> Mapattack.org tried out at Stanford Uni, cool!
05:48 <@kmdk> @neogeografen Har du hørt om http://t.co/0Eil0Wo - lyder fascinerende i @caseorganic's tale på #theconf lige nu i Malmö.
05:52 <@neogeografen> @kmdk var det ikke en demo på Wherecamp konference i SF i maj dette her mapattack.org? any cool - hvis nogen slides så send gerne
07:18 <@kmdk> @neogeografen Du kan evt. lære mere her: http://ow.ly/6bwSz eller ved at følge @caseorganic.
07:56 <@spinneyo> Catch me if you can. Only 20 minutes left http://t.co/RwQmEJo
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12:04 <@martinsnygg> @caseorganic you very welcome. Just checking out geoloqi, looks like my cup of tea.
12:20 <@geoloqi> @martinsnygg Fantastic! Let me know if you have any questions about it!
14:18 <@rubygems> geoloqi (0.9.22): http://t.co/DewFu3m Powerful, flexible, lightweight interface to the awesome Geoloqi platform API! Uses Faraday, and can …
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21:00 <@jeffreyhogan> Looking at building an SMS based web app service and need some advice on getting/sending the SMS :) Eyeing Twillo or poss. Geoloqi API :)
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