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10:22 <@caseorganic> @rabble Thanks so much for your feedback yesterday on models for @geoloqi.
12:22 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi back to it...Going to have to do the same for geoloqi, then change the "test" scripts to real scripts
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14:10 <@isaacviel> Heading up to @Substance. Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/miGl8U8
19:46 <@n4trqjedi> @kd8bxp well, I know for geoloqi auto-checkin you have to be at that location for 3 minutes for it register as a checkin at locations you
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21:07 <Wraithan> aaronpk: So battery life with the new geoloqi is definitely better. After a week or so of using it off and on it has been far nicer on my battery than the first version
21:08 <aaronpk> oh tjat is great news!