00:12 <@aaronpk> @natronics That reminds me... how about a geoloqi layer telling me when the space station is above my current earth location?
04:04 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi Just got a sms from geoloqi - good morning - was that a geonote? or did you figure out the message system?
04:10 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi LOL, ok,I have not got the email from geoloqi that tells me more about the message system, so I thought maybe you found it :-)
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10:02 <@interacter> @James_Mayes waze does similar things as does geoloqi I think. Geoloqi can send eta texts but is a bit limited for ny liking
10:18 <@rubygems> geoloqi (0.9.20): http://is.gd/YrAVTK Powerful, flexible, lightweight interface to the awesome Geoloqi platform API! Uses Faraday, and can …
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11:22 <@youroldpaldan> List a test, ignorance is bliss.
11:24 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi maybe geoloqi can be used to figure out if a station is moving/sitting - vs using the speed from aprs.fi that maybe a side effect
11:24 <@youroldpaldan> Another test. Please ignore.
12:00 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi got my email from geoloqi, I think I understand the message thing now, so when I get home it will be a little more messing :-)
14:30 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi hmmm...I didnt have the geoloqi shared link open while I was out today, and now it's just show the one point on the bridge again
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23:46 <@twaddington> Check out the updated Geoloqi app on the Android Market! http://t.co/sVF3W07