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09:50 <@geoloqi> @atlemo With Geoloqi you can share your location for 2 hrs, 2 days, or no time limit! Also check out our developer site http://loqi.me/2eZ
10:04 <@moehlert> "A secure, real-time mobile and web platform for location sharing..." Geoloqi | @scoopit http://bit.ly/o0NVcM
10:30 <@atlemo> @geoloqi That's perfect, thanks! Will use it for my next high altitude balloon project.
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11:56 <@patrickarlt> Running errends. Track me on Geoloqi http://t.co/ruTR6XJ
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13:44 <@_dom> I wonder how many of the rioters are using foursquare/geoloqi/fb places, etc.
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16:00 <@bashi__bazouk> new Geoloqi app for Android is out! Going for beers. http://t.co/tLK7eWZ
16:02 <@patrickarlt> Heading out for beers after launching the new @geoloqi app for Android. http://t.co/Po60pJB
16:40 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: Loqisaur Egg http://aaron.pk/2ed [Flickr]
16:40 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi Going to feed traffic reports into geoloqi and set up the range of about 3 miles, if you get near the affected area geoloqi
17:40 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi I've got 38 - 39 Traffic/Construction locations posted on geoloqi, now to see if I can get any of them when I go out tomorrow
18:12 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi I don't know how busy I have really been LOL, I have worked a bit on using geoloqi, and cleanup v8 code a bit more
18:14 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi I am not 100% sure how I am going to make geoloqi work just yet, I may do something like I did for the ... http://tmi.me/ef5hQ
18:50 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi Yeah. I think geoloqi will work great for some of this stuff traffic/gas prices/geocache
19:56 <@n4trqjedi> @kd8bxp yeah, I am sure geoloqi will fit the bill for all of those things, plus they have the layers also
20:56 <@kenkeiter> @donpdonp "Geoloqi: The Musical" (/cc @caseorganic @aaronpk)
20:56 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi Got geocaching going to geoloqi -> it is also updating tumblr (http://kd8bxp.tumblr.com) it's not pretty, but it there, now
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