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11:36 <@kd8bxp> @geoloqi Getting a 400 error, Input data must be an array of data points, Using PHP-CLI, encoded as JSon, any ideas?
11:38 <@geoloqi> @kd8bxp Try wrapping your location data in an array. You can send more than one point at a time that way. http://loqi.me/2dh
11:38 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi Good After noon! Anything new with you? I am messing with the @geoloqi api of course having issues there too LOL.not as bad as FB
11:40 <@kd8bxp> @geoloqi It is in an array, then json_encoded, Does it have to be in the same order as listed in the docs on the site? Mine isn't
11:42 <@geoloqi> @kd8bxp Doesn't have to be in the same order. Try wrapping it in another array.
11:46 <@kd8bxp> @geoloqi I am missing somehting somewhere...http://t.co/bxofQjZ&oauth_token=TOKEN (Curl post fields as array) error 400... (?)
11:46 <@n4trqjedi> @kd8bxp good afternoon, just working on MESH today here NIT. I saw this morning that @geoloqi has added FB to their connections...
11:48 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi The api code working... but @geoloqi is being really helpful, so that is a bonus! :-)
11:48 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi ah cool....I like @geoloqi after I started to play around with it more..it has a lot of features, I am so close to getting..
11:48 <@geoloqi> @kd8bxp Ok, give me a minute to put some example code together...
11:50 <@kd8bxp> @geoloqi Sounds good, I think I am close, to having it work...just need that extra push :-)
12:04 <@geoloqi> @kd8bxp Here you go! https://gist.github.com/1129641 Hopefully this isn't too hard to integrate with your code!
12:10 <@kd8bxp> @geoloqi I was close to having it work...I learned something new today as well! Thanks for the help.
12:10 <@kd8bxp> @geoloqi VERY GOOD! :-) That was it, I was missing the Header Code, otherwise, the example was very much like what I had! Thank you I knew
12:12 <@geoloqi> @kd8bxp You're welcome! Let us know if you have any other questions!
12:12 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi Got a "working" prototype for @geoloqi now - thanks to @geoloqi and the example script.
12:14 <@n4trqjedi> @kd8bxp what do you have set up in your @geoloqi prototype?
12:20 <@yuetsu> shopping, instead. http://loqi.me/sUsdTtp
12:52 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi but now that I see what they do, I think I can intergrate the geocache script with geoloqi & if you get close it will send you
16:36 <@ypmazz> Foursquare is out and Geoloqi is in http://t.co/dqNXmTR, Trends News
17:14 <@KCozzone> Foursquare is out and Geoloqi is in http://shar.es/HET9F
17:16 <@ExamineSociety> Foursquare is out and Geoloqi is in http://exm.nr/nUU8FD
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19:16 <@yuetsu> weather prediction for this eve?: perfect. #pdxtst http://loqi.me/tvbMm0f
20:40 <@n4trqjedi> @kd8bxp LOL! Yeah, got to kee p learning & try to keep up with things :) How is your @geoloqi project coming? Wish I could find time to work
20:50 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi Well, geoloqi project kind of stopped when I fell asleep...I need to figure out how to get the info from geocache to geoloqi
20:52 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi I am also thinking that geoloqi will be a good way to use the mygasfeed.com api that project I just stopped on...that site needs
21:00 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi equal...but it doesn't seem to be the case, 4sq pretty easy (despite the bad docs), Geoloqi pretty easy, despite my error
21:02 <@n4trqjedi> @kd8bxp I agree I see a lot of potential for geoloqi :)
21:02 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi but FB - not easy...LOL I'm not ready to try that again...I do like geoloqi a lot thou, I think it can be put to good use
21:56 <@yuetsu> now @ floating world comic for 'zine symposium benefit & @mizd 'a @vpkaraoke. #VoxPopuliKaraoke http://t.co/YN0fllP