09:24 <@gastonfig> @patrickarlt VERY impressed with @geoloqi. How can a UX/UI/front End guy collaborate w/ the project?
10:40 <@MWhitty1971> Heading out to Spokane. Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/17RXMmV
12:42 <@jlointc> Drove out to the country (outside Cornelius) to a Garage Sale. Beautiful property out here. http://loqi.me/hVtyLGW
14:32 <@patrickarlt> heading to Trek in the Park.track me on geoloqi. http://loqi.me/ehqu53r
15:42 <@aaronpk> Heading to Trek in the Park! http://t.co/usoKiGp
15:44 <@aaronpk_sv> Rubrik för Trek i parken ! http://t.co/usoKiGp
15:44 <@aaronpk_es> La partida de Trek en el parque! http://t.co/usoKiGp
15:44 <@aaronpk_de> Unterwegs zu Trek in den Park! http://t.co/usoKiGp
17:12 <@Sr_Yorch> Llegando a Arizona... Digo Orizaba http://loqi.me/LS2D7zz
19:58 <@jajordan13> Liking Amber Case's Geoloqi--geolocation tech with privacy!
20:48 <@hguns> Motortour w/4 in Pays des Collines & Vlaamse Ardennen. Start in Enghien @ 10:30. You can track our tour http://loqi.me/1miaYKf