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17:18 <@caseorganic> @andrewwatson Ohh, interesting! If he wants to build a location-based service, he could build it on the Geoloqi API! http://bit.ly/exI3R9
17:18 <@andrewwatson> This guy should check out @geoloqi #StartupTampa
17:32 <@yuetsu> now @beerandblog. yeah, i know. shocked myself. http://loqi.me/_o62zsc
18:02 <@rubygems> geoloqi (0.9.12): http://is.gd/YrAVTK Powerful, flexible, lightweight interface to the awesome Geoloqi platform API! Uses Faraday, and can …
18:10 <@andrewwatson> met a lot of people talking about GEO here. Talked to them all about GeoLoqi, SimpleGeo and LocationGenome
20:18 <@yuetsu> tom & i decided to check out s'more local watering holes. http://loqi.me/ThaYcvm
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