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04:22 <@PawDugan> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/cjXRySD
05:50 <@PawDugan> Heading back home. At some Indiana rest stop for a coffee fix. http://t.co/xa2c013
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07:46 <@PawDugan> So Ohio. We meet again. http://t.co/xa2c013
08:10 <@PawDugan> Oh goody. Stopped for food at the rest stop of despair and everything is closed. I hate this state. http://t.co/xa2c013
08:42 <@PawDugan> Just passed the Toledo Zoo. Sorely tempted! http://t.co/xa2c013
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11:56 <@pawdugan> Ohio has released me! Now to blow through PA and not visit @RolloT again! :D http://t.co/xa2c013
13:18 <@yuetsu> all the way into forest park in pdx, near the old stone house ruin, for filming tanner's short comedy. http://loqi.me/k5UqsvV
15:18 <@aaronpk_sv> En jätte Loqisaur photobombed helt Kanal 8 ! http://flic.kr/p/9YptEe I relaterade nyheter är PIE emot ansökningar : http://piepdx.com
15:18 <@aaronpk_es> A Loqisaur gigante totalmente photobombed Canal 8 !
15:18 <@aaronpk_de> Ein riesiger Loqisaur völlig Channel 8 photobombed !
15:18 <@uberfahr> #geolocation Geoloqi, SCVNGR, WAZE, Glympse ... what is your favorite geo-location technology and platform? Any developers for Geoloqi?
15:18 <@caseorganic> Heading up to Seattle! Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/W_TuwfN
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16:26 <@MWhitty1971> In Florence for a couple days... http://loqi.me/zza5AhT
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