03:06 <@PawDugan> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/xrpX7VM
04:20 <@PawDugan> Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/ceXTxnF
06:30 <@aulayan> Heh If you follow the geoloqi of @pawdugan, it looks like he's driving off the road and not actually following the interstate. #easilyamused
07:26 <@PawDugan> Going dark for a bit. Brb! http://loqi.me/Mkw0QZf
07:26 <@PawDugan> Geoloqi is a battery killer. Turning off for an hour or do to charge!
08:34 <@PawDugan> We are powered up, gassed up and rolling again. Next stop Cleveland! http://loqi.me/T3Ych22
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12:34 <@caseorganic> @PawDugan Hey, thanks for using Geoloqi! If you go to the settings tab you can put yourself into battery saver mode. :)
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19:30 <Loqi> [[Position Report]] ! http://locationcommons.org/index.php?diff=28&oldid=27&rcid=35 * Donpdonp * (+1) Undo revision 27 by [[Special:Contributions/AkylanyyQm|AkylanyyQm]] ([[User talk:AkylanyyQm|Talk]])
19:31 <Loqi> [[Position Report]] ! http://locationcommons.org/index.php?diff=29&oldid=28&rcid=36 * Donpdonp * (-12) Undo revision 26 by [[Special:Contributions/OrlandovZ4PC|OrlandovZ4PC]] ([[User talk:OrlandovZ4PC|Talk]])
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20:30 <@mpanighetti> Off for some karaoke! See you there (if you're awesome)! http://t.co/GgpZYb4