04:28 <@melhambo> @nedwin http://t.co/Kv6DPGN (beta) can be used to automatically send people in a carpool an SMS when you're close to the pick up location
05:26 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * OrlandovZ4PC * New user account
05:26 <Loqi> [[Position Report]] ! http://locationcommons.org/index.php?diff=26&oldid=5&rcid=32 * OrlandovZ4PC * (+12)
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10:54 <@asnaedae> @torarne haha, @geoloqi might not be so useful to install then :)
11:50 <@torarne> @asnaedae @geoloqi yep - and it's now telling me I'm almost out of battery and need to turn it off.
11:54 <@geoloqi> @asnaedae True. The next version of @geoloqi will have a semi-automatic checkin, allowing you to choose from a list of possible places.
11:54 <@M_McCubbing> Why can @Geoloqi do background location tracking on my iPod Touch but @Google's #Latitude can't?
12:18 <@danvanderboom> Playing with the Geoloqi iPhone app. Cool idea of modular layers and generic event notifications.
13:18 <@jakemallory> interesting location based game platform http://t.co/li9zSSF /cc @johnny_t
13:56 <@twaddington> Had fun catching up with @aaronpk and @caseorganic at lunch today. They're doing some awesome things with @geoloqi.
14:10 <@pcurtain> RT @twaddington: Had fun catching up with @aaronpk and @caseorganic at lunch today. They're doing some awesome things with @geoloqi.
14:12 <@pcurtain> @twaddington @aaronpk @caseorganic @geoloqi Suggest to the team to read Smart Mobs http://t.co/vw59K75 from @hrheingold :)
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16:47 <Loqi> [[Position Report]] ! http://locationcommons.org/index.php?diff=27&oldid=26&rcid=34 * AkylanyyQm * (-1)
17:36 <@playstationtalk> Geoloqi launches MapAttack! a real-time location-based mobile gaming platform of awesomeness. | Geoloqi #Blog http://bit.ly/l1R9Ee
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18:34 <@uncleweed> Heading out on Seabus- Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/ycVzwDW
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