12:41 <@awarenesss> @caseorganic cool, thanks! Do you want to talk about self-tracking using @geoloqi? How to build habits or become aware of them for example?
13:06 <@awarenesss> Hi @aaronpk, I'm planning a #QuantifedSelf meetup in Pdx midjuly. Could you talk about self tracking using @geoloqi? #qs @caseorganic
13:44 <@awarenesss> @aaronpk great! That's really cool! You could also submit @geoloqi to the #qs guide: http://t.co/g4CM3Dx
14:00 <@awarenesss> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/JQ5WwBU
16:06 <@angelia2041> RT @StevenWalling: Can't wait to ditch Foursquare when @Geoloqi for Android is available. I'm sick of checking in, but I want to know where I've been.
22:52 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: Geoloqi at Mobile Portland http://aaron.pk/2Xy [Flickr]
23:54 <@achaido> Wonder how fast this baby bike can fly? http://t.co/jIIrLKZ #talewind