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06:02 <@ajaxlogos> Struggling to get @geoloqi working on my phone
06:02 <Loqi> started tracking, took a walk, but no luck.
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09:56 <@tokumin> @robhawkes I like the location/context sensitive 'geohooks' like geoloqi & iOS5.
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11:12 <@kevinrohling> Hey @aaronpk, what wiki did you guys use for putting together the @geoloqi API docs? Looks great!
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15:18 <@Thomas_Wendt> Lots of these apps popping up after @Geoloqi :: Dropp for iPhone reminds, warns and sends love letters by location http://t.co/PbdIycj
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17:44 <@yuetsu> celebrating with smoothie & wifi @ fat straw on hawthorne. http://loqi.me/20tqRBj
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