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14:58 <tjgillies> why doesn't kyle drake hang out on irc?
14:58 <tjgillies> im using synchrony for a project and i could stand to pick his brain sometimes
15:23 <aaronpk> good question, i will bug him about it lol
15:40 <Wraithan> if you are a webdesign company and your site doesn't load in less than 0.2 seconds, you are doing it wrong: http://www.syncrony.com/
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16:15 <aaronpk> kyledrake-work: tjgillies says you should hang out on IRC more :)
16:16 <kyledrake-work> aaronpk: WELL ALRIGHT THEN
16:16 <tjgillies> wow thats an ugly site
16:17 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: what editor do you use for ruby?
16:17 <aaronpk> woo!
16:18 <tjgillies> i use rubymine and the debugger crashes when i debug my rspec tests with synchrony
16:18 <kyledrake-work> tjgillies: I switch between TextMate (for building new projects or digging through complex ones) and VIM with a bunch of my modifications
16:18 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: do you debug from command line?
16:19 <kyledrake-work> tjgillies: gem install ruby-debug19 then require 'ruby-debug' and debugger
16:19 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: is that a yes>
16:19 <tjgillies> ?
16:20 <kyledrake-work> tjgillies: Yeah
16:20 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: oh, i don't know how to use deubgger from command like heh :)
16:20 <tjgillies> i need to work on that
16:21 <tjgillies> i loaded it up, but the workflow is very different from a gui ide
16:21 <kyledrake-work> It's entirely possible that it doesn't work either.. I haven't done any hard debugging within the reactor loop yet
16:22 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: ok cool. thnx
16:22 <kyledrake-work> np
16:22 <kyledrake-work> tjgillies: A -lot- of these weird bugs are going to be fixed when EM hits 1.0
16:23 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: i don't think its an EM bug, its causing a segfault in the debug gem
16:23 <kyledrake-work> ah.
16:23 <tjgillies> but its prolly what EM is sending it
16:23 <kyledrake-work> aaronpk: There's a test for location/update now, check the github log
16:25 <aaronpk> awesome!
16:26 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: do you use webmock?
16:27 <kyledrake-work> tjgillies: Hell yeah
16:27 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: i luv that thing
16:27 <kyledrake-work> Absolutely fricking perfect
16:27 <kyledrake-work> Wish I had it a long time ago
16:27 <tjgillies> i was trying to write tests with real requests before i found it. talk about an excercise in masochism
16:28 <kyledrake-work> It's a mix for me. I write some live calls and some mock
16:28 <kyledrake-work> You can do both within tests using WebMock.disable_net_connect! and WebMock.allow_net_connect! cleverly
16:29 <tjgillies> kyledrake-work: i was writing some against tiwtter, api if they have an error, it returns html :(
16:29 <Loqi> it'll be ok
16:29 <tjgillies> twitter*
16:29 <kyledrake-work> I hate it when they do that.
16:30 <tjgillies> so i didn't know if my test was failing or if it was just the api being shite
16:30 <kyledrake-work> The only time I prefer live is when I want to test the interface. Testing a mock is a test of an expectation, and sometimes those expectations blow up on you
16:30 <kyledrake-work> But yeah for twitter I would mock it up
16:35 <aaronpk> kyledrake-work: what do you think about making a call to location/last in the test to check if the response comes back with the same lat/long/date that was just sent?
16:35 <kyledrake-work> I think it's a stellar idea, and I will add it shortly.
16:38 <tjgillies> aaronpk: what are the tests for?
16:45 <aaronpk> testing the api
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