00:56 <@interacter> @geoloqi hi there having probe with app force closing on HTC hero. Any ideas? Thanks!
05:06 <@mireiausart> @acanelma great! a veure quan podem fer per aquí alguna d'aquestes batalles... http://moourl.com/h87n6
05:08 <@mireiausart> Divertida aplicació, gràcies @acanelma, els darrers resultats i info a: http://moourl.com/h87n6
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13:24 <@geoloqi> @interacter Not sure, can you send crash logs? feedback@geoloqi.com Thanks!
13:26 <@interacter> @geoloqi how can I find.them on the phone? Cheers
13:32 <@geoloqi> @interacter If it happens again the phone should prompt you to send a report. Also you can try using the "SendLog" app. Thanks!
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14:34 <@interacter> @geoloqi log sent, phone doesn't prompt so used sendlog as suggested.
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