03:24 <@pekkapuhakka> #Geoloqi launches #MapAttack! A real-time #LocationBased mobile gaming platform of awesomeness. : via @casebot http://bit.ly/h6HRqk
03:46 <@jessesoininen> RT @pekkapuhakka: #Geoloqi launches #MapAttack! A real-time #LocationBased mobile gaming platform of awesomeness. : via @casebot http://bit.ly/h6HRqk
04:30 <@crystalpirri> Morning walk to the park. http://loqi.me/dNn8xCG
08:12 <@n4trqjedi> Automatically checked in from @geoloqi! (@ Wave Church) http://4sq.com/eGCpNZ
08:24 <@geoloqi> Congrats to @buckingabout, @geoloqi's 1000th follower and winner of a bunch of @loqisaur stickers!
09:04 <@Kram> @caseorganic Congrats on going full time with @geoloqi!
09:52 <@crystalpirri> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/tGKA4uf
10:10 plamb joined #geoloqi
11:38 <@n4trqjedi> Automatically checked in from @geoloqi! (@ Walmart Supercenter) http://4sq.com/fSQicq
11:58 <@geografa> Checking out Green Belt Park. #Geoloqi http://loqi.me/qsc9A7K
12:08 <@n4trqjedi> Automatically checked in from @geoloqi! (@ Bojangles) http://4sq.com/fnrM0v
12:16 pmark joined #geoloqi
12:50 <@pekkapuhakka> RT @geoloqi @PekkaPuhakka The game of @playmapattack went really well! Here are the results! http://flic.kr/p/9z7t9i - #Cool
14:00 <@dtboyd> @geoloqi How do we learn more about MapAttack?
14:14 <Loqi> 6 files modified, 4 new files in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-Android-Socket-Client/commits/master by Aaron Parecki
14:14 <aaronpk> pew!
14:59 <Wraithan> aaronpk: like a lazer?
15:31 <aaronpk> pew pew!
15:32 <aaronpk> thats the sound it makes when i write code
15:33 <Wraithan> Nice!
15:39 <Wraithan> I may have to setup triggers so I here laser sounds when I commit code to github... :)
15:45 caseorganic-m joined #geoloqi
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16:18 <@yuetsu> café @ park blocks, enjoying sun & practicing neglected guitar before moving to art museum for paul's memorial http://loqi.me/pwMgSnk
17:10 <@geoloqi> @Kokyu2 We have a beta version out in the market right now! It's still in progress but you can try it out.
17:10 <@Kokyu2> @caseorganic when is geoloqi being released for Android?
17:20 <@yuetsu> heading into portland art museum for paul's memorial gathering. sigh. http://loqi.me/XEZ1KtE
21:18 <@oddflavour> had fun with @geoloqi in downtown #ilm today http://t.co/jqiUefW hesitant to use automatic checkins cause i'd have to do da 4sq again hmm :/
21:22 <@oddflavour> downtown #ilm trekking with @geoloqi today http://loqi.me/KY4Nz_s