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09:40 <tyler-iphone> new game i play
09:40 <tyler-iphone> if someone announces location on geoloqi via twitter, try to notice and track them before time expires
09:41 <caseorganic> me too
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16:42 <plamb> so we ran the barbird layer last night
16:42 <plamb> worked perfectly
16:44 <aaronpk> oh! great!
16:44 <plamb> working on tying up the loose ends right now
16:44 <aaronpk> awesome
16:45 <aaronpk> can't wait to subscribe to it!
16:45 <aaronpk> did you guys have anything else you needed from me to finish it off?
16:46 <plamb> nothing comes to mind, but we'll probably contact you here if we do
16:46 <aaronpk> great
16:46 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/delete]] delete * Aaronpk * deleted "[[tylergillies]]": Vandalism: no, tyler.
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17:45 <tyler-iphone> is barbird layer public?
17:46 <aaronpk> public yes, promoted, no
17:46 <aaronpk> not yet anyway
17:46 <tyler-iphone> how do you get the id of a public but not promoted layer? do they have to tell you?
17:47 <aaronpk> yea, there will be a widget they can embed that you can click to subscribe
17:47 <aaronpk> similar to a twitter follow button
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18:41 <tyler-iphone> aaronpk: Geoloqi is saying it's having network issues since I downloaded update
18:41 <tyler-iphone> I'll reinstall and see if it goes away
18:42 <aaronpk> hmm. I added some code to handle error cases better like when you don't have reception
18:42 <tyler-iphone> I obviously have reception
18:43 <aaronpk> lol
18:49 <tyler-iphone> aaronpk: Reinstalling fixed it
18:49 <aaronpk> odd
18:49 <aaronpk> that's good tho
18:53 <tyler-iphone> aaronpk: What are you using for issue tracker?
18:55 <aaronpk> but then I move things over to a Remember the Milk list to actually work on them
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20:22 <tyler-iphone> aaronpk: Do geonotes you leave for people expire after the track time expires?
20:22 <aaronpk> no
20:24 <aaronpk> that's an interesting idea tho
20:27 <tyler-iphone> cause you can click someones share link canvas the area with notes
20:27 <tyler-iphone> like land mines
20:27 <aaronpk> yes...yes you can
20:28 <tyler-iphone> heh i should leave ones that say 'boom' ;)
20:28 <aaronpk> if this starts to become a problem I will make it so you have to be logged in to leave a note for someone :)
20:55 <tyler-iphone> oh thats a good one. then you can just remove spammers
20:56 <tyler-iphone> didn't even think of that
20:58 <Loqi> 15 files modified, 3 new files in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-Website-PHP/commits/master by Aaron Parecki
21:02 <tyler-iphone> new files!
21:04 <aaronpk> woot
21:04 <Loqi> ACTION does a happy dance!
21:07 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Aaronpk * uploaded "[[File:subscribe-with-geoloqi.png]]"
21:08 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Aaronpk * uploaded "[[File:already-subscribed.png]]"
21:09 <Loqi> [[Embeddable Layer Widget]] N http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?oldid=698&rcid=729 * Aaronpk * (+781) Created page with 'You can embed a "Subscribe with Geoloqi" widget in your own website to allow people to subscribe to your layers. To get the code for this widget, replace LAYERID with your layer'…'
21:13 <aaronpk> that's for you, tyler-iphone
21:13 <Loqi> 1 files modified in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-Website-PHP/commits/master by Aaron Parecki
21:13 <tyler-iphone> nice
21:19 <tyler-iphone> nice use of sprites
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