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08:46 <@tylergillies> @geografa was thinking about heading down there. geoloqi for the win!
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11:45 <tyler-iphone> aloha
11:45 <aaronpk> hi
11:45 <geografa> hola
11:45 <aaronpk> did you say your'e getting geografa's geonotes?
11:45 <tyler-iphone> yeah
11:45 <tyler-iphone> all the time heh
11:45 <geografa> like my personal ones?
11:45 <tyler-iphone> like the bagel one
11:45 <tyler-iphone> or was that a direct thing?
11:46 <geografa> that was for you. I saw you post and dropped it.
11:46 <geografa> Never got my bagel.
11:46 <tyler-iphone> oh
11:46 <tyler-iphone> what about the troll bridge?
11:46 <geografa> What's up with that? ;-)
11:46 <aaronpk> geografa: are you sending tyler geonotes?
11:46 <geografa> yep
11:46 <tyler-iphone> oh
11:46 <geografa> yeah - from the site.
11:46 <aaronpk> so this is intentional?
11:46 <tyler-iphone> ok so you really are stalking me
11:46 <geografa> yep
11:46 <tyler-iphone> n/m then
11:46 <tyler-iphone> carry on :)
11:46 <aaronpk> hahaa ok
11:47 <geografa> haha
11:47 <aaronpk> good, was worried something was wrong!
11:47 <geografa> Too many geonotes Tyler? ;-)
11:48 <tyler-iphone> no i was just wondering why i was picking up your notes
11:48 <tyler-iphone> thought something was broken
11:48 <aaronpk> hmm
11:48 <geografa> aaaah!
11:48 <aaronpk> it should possibly be more obvious that they were sent by geografa?
11:49 <tyler-iphone> if you're at a point and someone drops a note, do you automatically get it?
11:49 <geografa> Maybe if there was a way that you knew it was related to your Tweet about you moving.
11:49 <geografa> I've been getting them from random people. Did you send the one about the Matrix?
11:49 <aaronpk> tyler-iphone: you'll only get notes if your tracker is on, it processes them when you send a new point
11:50 <aaronpk> but yes, if you are already inside the note, it will be sent
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14:23 <tyler-iphone> oh just realized this a good room to hangout in to see if your friends are on the move
14:23 <tyler-iphone> i can do a highlight on "track me on geoloqi"
14:23 <tyler-iphone> to get notifications
14:24 <aaronpk> lol!
14:32 <tyler-iphone> test Track me on Geoloqi
14:33 <tyler-iphone> tyler-iphone test
14:33 <tyler-iphone> i think highlight only works when someone else says it
14:33 <aaronpk> track me on geoloqi
14:34 <tyler-iphone> aaronpk: success
14:34 <aaronpk> woot
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15:14 <plamb> aaronpk
15:14 <plamb> you there?
15:15 <plamb> you showed us a web page earlier
15:15 <plamb> that had an example of the pac man layer
15:15 <plamb> can you link to that?
16:06 <IntractableQuery> thanks
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20:26 <tyler-iphone> aaronpk: Do you manually retreat geoloqi links or is it automatic?
20:26 <aaronpk> you mean when you see the "time's up" notice?
20:27 <aaronpk> wait
20:27 <aaronpk> what
20:27 <aaronpk> retweet?
20:28 <aaronpk> retreat?
20:38 <@tylergillies> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/APadDAY
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