07:48 <@act_nayu> めも。常にチェックイン状態を維持することで身近な人に位置情報をシェアできるサービス。キッズ携帯のGPS機能の進化版とかによさそう。>Geoloqi - A http://ow.ly/4kJ0i
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14:02 <@korevec> @geoloqi really like your app. Wonder if there is a way for us to work together (@dailymile). cc @aaronpk
14:24 <@rabndra> RT @andrewhyde: Bus to NYC. Track my progress: http://t.co/AARuSzO
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16:22 <@u2elan> Heading out to Bellevue for #wehackathon2! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/ljwRb5s
17:20 <@aaronpk> @korevec Thanks! @dailymile looks really neat too! It wouldn't be hard to export GPS tracks to you guys. Email me at aaronpk at geoloqi .com
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