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07:50 <@chrismatthieu> @Aaronpk from @geoloqi demos how to use XMPP to move a pin on a map! RT @phonosdk: Phono Map Demo Using XMPP Chat - http://bit.ly/f3828K
08:06 <@dorsetcereals> RT @thegoodwebguide: Send yourself messages to pick up in the future with @geoloqi http://bit.ly/dXx4zf
08:10 <@heuvox> Phono Map Demo Using XMPP Chat: Aaron Parecki of GeoLoqi fame recently used the PhonoSDK to demonstrate moving a... http://bit.ly/ej32Rt
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11:25 <hear> re.re whos in pdx this wknd i'm visiting :) -- or is everyone at sxsw/ted ;p
11:26 <hear> send tips for pdx meetups, bringing bike and geoloqi to draw some new maps :).
11:27 <aaronpk> there's a weekend hackfast at PIE! stop by!
11:30 <hear> awesome, looks great.
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14:58 <@herebox> #pdx wknd# .fri.house.music. @algarhythms @soulclap @tanner_ross ## .sat.mobile.hack. @piepdx @geoloqi http://plancast.com/p/43w5 : Say hi!
15:08 <@gerwinkoppelaar> #geotagging ontmoet ToDo list/boodschappenlijst 2.0. Stuur berichten naar de toekomst. http://geoloqi.com/
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21:44 <@aaronpk> If you want to add your feedback before we finish the new @geoloqi welcome screen, now would be a good time :) http://loqi.me/27Y
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