00:16 <@theolynn> Liking cyborg anthropologist @caseorganic ideas on geoloqi http://ow.ly/1s45bs allows you to leave memos to future self #wireduk
00:46 <@Dickon_L> Third time lucky / Beta testing @geoloqi - very excited by it's potential. http://loqi.me/ZAYbVz0
01:54 <@Dickon_L> "The best technology gets out of the way and lets you live your life" - great quote from @geoloqi founder @caseorganic (Amber Case)
03:22 <@ssethi> The idea of leaving geonotes for my future self or others at locations really appeals to me. http://geoloqi.com this is diff to 4sq tips.
05:50 <@n4trqjedi> Automatically checked in from @geoloqi! (@ 7-Eleven) http://4sq.com/hbcxPD
06:04 <@dittotv> ditto is… communicating with its future self with the new Geoloqi app http://bit.ly/hKbKGX
06:58 <@richard_obrien> Geotag'd SMS reminders! Eg. Tag you shopping list to the Supermarket location & never forget the milk again. http://me.lt/4PWm @geoloqi
09:00 <@PDXsays> RT @Dickon_L: "The best technology gets out of the way and lets you live your life" - great quote from @geoloqi founder @caseorganic (Amber Case)
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10:29 <caseorganic> nice!
10:30 <caseorganic> there needs to be a barbird layer in geoloqi
10:30 <plamb> yes
10:30 <plamb> yes
10:30 <plamb> :)
10:30 <caseorganic> we made one for events in seattle!
10:30 <plamb> i saw that
10:30 <plamb> looked very cool
10:30 <plamb> looks like you aggregated RSS feeds?
10:30 <plamb> and used tropo to push the SMS?
10:30 <caseorganic> on android, yes
10:30 <caseorganic> ical feeds
10:30 <plamb> ah
10:31 <plamb> yeah we've been focusing a lot on beefing up our datasets
10:31 <plamb> which is what would primarily benefit geoloqi
10:33 <caseorganic> excellent!
10:33 <plamb> need to set up another karaokee night
10:33 <caseorganic> thatd be great!
10:35 <plamb> did you get that meeting with ilie?
10:37 <caseorganic> yeah!
10:37 <caseorganic> thanks a bunch!
10:37 <caseorganic> i was sick all last week
10:37 <caseorganic> so aaron met
10:37 <caseorganic> but will probably have a phone call
10:37 <caseorganic> soon with ilie
10:38 <plamb> yeah, in our meeting he was asking me about cyborg anthropology
10:38 <plamb> and i was saying you'd probably hate me for the rendition i gave him
10:42 <caseorganic> hahah
10:42 <caseorganic> that's cool
10:42 <Loqi> rofl
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11:18 <@n4trqjedi> Automatically checked in from @geoloqi! (@ Burger King) http://4sq.com/fpUxfV
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19:38 <@calliesaurus> @drzax I read on www.infosthetics.com about all the places you'll go. Sounds like you could use @geoloqi! Look forward to see where you go!
19:42 <@n4trqjedi> @kd8bxp No, instamapper is only geoloqi, but been playing with the auto 4square checkins as that layer is working now
19:44 <@kd8bxp> @n4trqjedi Ok, maybe that is what I am seeing in your time line, I knew I was seeing something new - I really like the geoloqi, want to
20:24 <@drzax> @calliesaurus Hey Callie! Thanks for the heads up, @geoloqi looks great and @aaronpk has been in touch by email.
20:24 <Loqi> you're welcome
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