02:00 <@RunhsiV> @geoloqi wow! Can't wait for the android version now...
06:30 <@MSL_UK_Digital> Genius! #ambercase @geoloqi mobile web platform to enable geo-location to-do reminders 'a note to the future self' via @wireduk
06:32 <@markdot> testing geoloqi.com
06:38 <@KatiaCavallo> And what a great idea, well done! downloading the App now @geoloqi mobile web platform for geo-location 'to-do' reminders @MSL_UK_Digital
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08:42 <@thinkpol> Looking forward to trying it out! RT @geoloqi Our Android version is almost ready to put into the market!
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13:36 <Loqi> 1 files modified in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-Website-PHP/commits/master by Aaron Parecki
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16:40 <@mpanighetti> @rachelkiley I'm the wrong person to ask
16:40 <Loqi> I'm broadcasting my location in real-time all the time via @geoloqi. ^__^
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