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12:02 <@kd8bxp> @geoloqi my power went out this morning, so computer rebooted, now I see the "pin" - maybe a cache issue, not sure it is working thou
12:34 <@marshallk> @geoloqi I just got a geonote from myself to look at park guide in iBooks as I passed by on a bus. Now it's gone. Need [if nearby & stopped]
13:04 <@charlieisaacs> RT @marshallk:Here I go! On a lightrail! http://bit.ly/hothMW >how appropriate, geoloqi link goes nowhere, like the lightrail in San Jose :)
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14:52 <@geoloqi> @charlieisaacs That's because the location was only shared for a short amount of time.
15:14 <@charlieisaacs> @geoloqi that was my feeble attempt at humor
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15:44 <@geoloqi> @charlieisaacs Ah ha! Good one! Will keep that in mind next time I try to take the light rail in San Jose. :)
19:02 <@geoloqi> @marshallk Yes, that is cell tower triangulation. It's been fixed but the update hasn't been pushed to the store yet! Thanks for sending.
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22:20 <Loqi> [[Main Page]] http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=625&oldid=611&rcid=655 * Caseorganic * (+139)
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