00:08 <@achaido> Hade missat att @geoloqi var släppt. Lämna geo-anteckningar osv till dig själv och andra. Bra skit http://t.co/NL4RPxu
00:10 <@achaido> @fdqps du borde kolla in @geoloqi om du inte gjort. Verkar fett.
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12:38 <@dodeja> @a4agarwal Check out Geoloqi http://bit.ly/hX3PA1. A company out of Portland.
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13:57 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=592&oldid=591&rcid=621 * Caseorganic * (+263)
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14:14 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] ! http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=593&oldid=592&rcid=622 * Yuetsu * (+1171) crashes happening after first loading latest Apple App store version of App.
14:15 <faddah> is anyone in this channel? aaron?
14:17 <Loqi> [[User:Yuetsu]] N http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?oldid=594&rcid=623 * Caseorganic * (+20) Created page with 'Geoloqi Beta Tester.'
14:19 <aaronpk> hey, looking at your report
14:19 <aaronpk> There's something I'm going to try today that might fix this, but it's a pretty significant change so I need to make sure I do it when I have a couple hours in front of me.
14:41 <faddah> hi aaron, i had one other favor to ask of you, also adding two more bugs & a feature request
14:41 <faddah> you still there?
14:46 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] ! http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=598&oldid=597&rcid=627 * Yuetsu * (+52) trying to log-in with incorrect e-mail or password crashes app
14:48 <aaronpk> about to head out. I did some work last night on fixing the login with incorrect password bug
14:48 <aaronpk> so that's way better now
14:48 <faddah> ok, i have one favor to ask?
14:49 <faddah> i'm about to start shopping my resume/CV around again, need to revise it
14:49 <faddah> my i please add the QA work i've done on geoloqi and list you and case as contacts for that?
14:50 <faddah> if yes, i need each of your phone contact info, i already have your e-mail info
14:50 <caseorganic> yes
14:50 <aaronpk> yea, no problem!
14:50 <faddah> you can e-mail me the phone stuff
14:50 <caseorganic> i think that's a great idea
14:50 <faddah> thank you
14:50 <faddah> daddy needs a job
14:50 <faddah> :P
14:50 <faddah> right, loki?
14:51 <faddah> right, loqi?
14:51 <Loqi> Loqi grins profusely
14:51 <faddah> see?
14:51 <faddah> even loqi agrees
14:51 <caseorganic> sent you email
14:52 <faddah> thank you both, very much
14:52 <faddah> finishing up feature request
14:53 <faddah> i take it next version has the ability to "friend" and or "block" people, so you can track and send geo notes to each other.
14:53 <faddah> ?
14:55 <aaronpk> we're working on that sort of thing with pmark right now, we'll see how far along it gets in the near future
14:55 <aaronpk> i'm sure there will be some updates released before we can include that in the release
14:57 <aaronpk> gotta run, back later.
15:00 <@yuetsu> filing geoloqi bugs (http://geoloqi.org), workin' on web schtuff. 'n' doin' the laundry. 'cuz after the enlightenment: the laundry.
15:00 <@lilbutterfly> @samgrover Cool. I can't wait to get @geoloqi I wonder when...
15:04 <@yuetsu> btw: @aaronpk & @caseorganic 's marvelous little location app, geoloqi, is now available @ iTunes App Store for iPhone http://bit.ly/i6LV9P
15:04 <@yuetsu> btw: @aaronpk & @caseorganic 's marvelous little location app, geoloqi, is now available @ iTunes App Store for iPhone http://ping.fm/XKadf
15:10 <@yuetsu> updates for android & other platforms for geoloqi coming soon, i've been helping @caseorganic & @aaronpk test for iOS http://geoloqi.org
15:14 <@yuetsu> at the fabulous baker house, filing bugs for geoloqi, working on web stuff, ever the laundry. probably some yoga too. http://loqi.me/yPN9gfX
15:23 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] ! http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=599&oldid=598&rcid=628 * Yuetsu * (+956) feature request: lose intermediary text input screens for send location to twitter & facebook
15:39 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] ! http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=600&oldid=599&rcid=629 * Yuetsu * (+635) '''feature request''' — on the web site, don't list expired link as "error" w/ dead loqisaur (rwar!)
15:46 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] ! http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=601&oldid=600&rcid=630 * Yuetsu * (+633) feature requests — send location links should open within geoloqi app, if available, on any platform
15:49 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] ! http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=602&oldid=601&rcid=631 * Yuetsu * (+272) feature requests — do a geoloqi app for the mac os x app store and/or dashboard widget as well.
15:59 <faddah> i'm sicking the smart-i-est guy i know, one of my former bosses at symantec, who has also worked for apple and sony, on the app to try it out. will let you know if he does.
16:34 <@yuetsu> .@lilbutterfly @samgrover wait no more, geoloqi is available on the iPhone in iTunes app store now —> http://bit.ly/i6LV9P
17:17 <aaronpk> faddah: are you sitting still right now?
17:17 <faddah> yes
17:17 <aaronpk> thanks
17:18 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=603&oldid=602&rcid=632 * Caseorganic * (+5319)
17:19 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?diff=604&oldid=603&rcid=633 * Caseorganic * (+196)
19:02 <@anothercasebot> Posted a photo: Geoloqi Dev Workstation http://caseorganic.com/21U [Flickr]
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19:40 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: Geoloqi Dev Workstation: caseorganic posted a photo: itunes.apple.com/us/app/geo... http://bit.ly/eYS7Fu
21:36 <@aaronpk> A benefit of developing @geoloqi: Needing test data and being forced to get out of my seat and run around the block.
22:12 <Loqi> 10 files modified, 3 new files in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-API-PHP/commits/master by Aaron Parecki
22:39 <Loqi> 3 files modified, 5 new files in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-Website-PHP/commits/master by Aaron Parecki
22:46 <@aaronpk> @phyre5 You can always push up to the @geoloqi API! See http://geoloqi.org/API/location/update and http://loqi.me/21a for an example.
22:49 <Loqi> 5 files modified in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-Website-PHP/commits/master by Aaron Parecki