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11:20 <@hatsharpener> Strange people around me at Legare's! Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/7NvK2CQ
12:26 <@caseorganic> @yoxi_play Some friends + I built a game at @sciencehackday that was a science trivia walk. http://bit.ly/exrjYl #yoxichat
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15:51 <Loqi> [[Feedback]] N http://geoloqi.org/wiki/index.php?oldid=591&rcid=620 * Caseorganic * (+43) Created page with 'If you have feedback, please leave it here.'
15:54 <@marshallk> @geoloqi congratulations!!!
15:58 <@geoloqi> @marshallk Thank you very much! Hope you like the new app!
17:20 <@yuetsu> .@aaronpk latest apple app store geoloqi crashin like a beeeeyotch on me in trying to send location to twitter.
17:36 <@yuetsu> now @beerandblog @pdxgreendragon , now with the new & improved @geoloqi & @, just released on Apple App Store http://loqi.me/GxpDDM7
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18:26 <@rashford> Testing the brand new for iPhone 4 geoloqi app http://loqi.me/okCP6W5
19:28 <@samgrover> Finding @geoloqi awesome and fun and useful. Great job @aaronpk, @caseorganic and others!
19:30 <@geoloqi> @samgrover Thanks! Really excited to hear that! Thanks to @incanus77 and @jtbandes as well!
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21:20 <@dorklab> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://loqi.me/Cu1n8Zg
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22:00 <@PDXsays> RT @samgrover: Finding @geoloqi awesome and fun and useful. Great job @aaronpk, @caseorganic and others!
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23:18 <@caseorganic> @doingitwrong It's a test of push notifications from @urbanairship testing @geoloqi! You can set arbitrary message numbers.
23:30 <@caseorganic> @achaido Testing @geoloqi, a private location sharing app that lets you send messages to your future self. http://bit.ly/ef7fha
23:50 <@achaido> @mattbepler @caseorganic +1 on that one :) I think Geoloqi seems awesome and *downloading* (missed it was out :$)