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09:06 <@marionmy> Great! Be a beta tester for @Geoloqi ! Check it out! #itsfun http://amplify.com/u/bkujo
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09:31 <workshop> hey _aaronpk i'm a bit out of it, but can i get in on the beta? should i just build from github?
09:32 <workshop> or are you doing adhoc
09:32 <workshop> may not have time to code lately, but i'm still moving around with my iphone ;-)
09:33 <_aaronpk> cool! we have adhoc set up, over the air install
09:40 <Loqi> 1 files modified in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-iPhone/commits/master by Aaron Parecki
09:41 <_aaronpk> but the github project should build fine
09:41 <_aaronpk> except you won't get push notifications unless you set it up with your own real cert and stuff
09:41 <_aaronpk> probably easier OTA
09:42 <_aaronpk> shoot me your UDID (beta@geoloqi.com)
09:45 <workshop> sure
09:45 <workshop> neat, OTA
09:45 <workshop> good hack :-)
10:02 <_aaronpk> yea it's pretty slick
10:05 <_aaronpk> hopefully I did this right: http://loqi.me/install from your phone
10:05 <Loqi> Loqi :)
10:05 <_aaronpk> then go to http://beta.geoloqi.com on your computer, sign in via Twitter, and set your password at the bottom of the profile settings page
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10:30 <workshop> cool
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11:35 <_aaronpk> did that build work?
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21:50 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * Tonyt * New user account
22:22 <@postello> Geoloqi - A secure, real-time mobile and web platform for location sharing. http://j.mp/guKCoK <-- Very interesting platform