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06:12 <@ACabanis> Geoloqi - A secure, real-time mobile and web platform for background location sharing. http://bit.ly/fIhyXq
06:32 <@henrilabarre> RT @ACabanis: Geoloqi - A secure, real-time mobile and web platform for background location sharing. http://bit.ly/fIhyXq
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10:06 <@rrricky> Some of the uses listed on the geoloqi site sound absolutely amazing... Automatic checki ns
10:08 <@rrricky> erm... Some of the uses listed on the geoloqi site sound absolutely amazing... Automatic check ins are the way forward
11:02 <@ChadMortensen> @caseorganic Geoloqi is looking really good! I heard you talk about this a couple years ago but hadn't taken a look since then.
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11:24 <@pfandtasse> mit #gowalla und #foursquare bin ich nie warmgeworden. http://geoloqi.com/ könnte mich kriegen. ich mein, ein stegosaurus als logo! hallo!
11:26 <@pfandtasse> @geoloqi "where it's at" #themesong
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11:42 <@tapioliller> @pfandtasse herzig, das Logo! #geoloqi
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11:44 <@pfandtasse> rww über @geoloqi http://bit.ly/i6AJrr - klingt vielversprechend! location based reminders/messaging, permanent tracking etc
11:46 <@pp_be> @pfandtasse na da ist ja nicht nur das logo interessant - auch die nutzungsmöglichkeiten http://geoloqi.com/
11:56 <@occLE> Geoloqi Aims to Unlock the Magic of Mobile Location http://rww.to/h6ORJi via @pfandtasse
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12:50 <@Stecki> RT @pfandtasse: mit #gowalla und #foursquare bin ich nie warmgeworden. http://geoloqi.com/ könnte mich kriegen. ich mein, ein stegosaurus als logo! hallo!
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13:49 <plamb> y helo thar
13:49 <_aaronpk> hi there
13:49 <_aaronpk> congrats on the open beta today
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13:50 <plamb> would've been idling here awhile ago had i known!
13:50 <plamb> thank you
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13:51 <caseorganic> greetings
13:51 <plamb> add #barbird if you want to
13:51 <plamb> although the channel is mostly quiet until someone joins from the web
13:51 <caseorganic> k - might
13:52 <caseorganic> have lots of lurk
13:52 <plamb> hoping marshall will plug our chat interface on the web
13:52 <caseorganic> sweet- hope so too!
13:52 <plamb> so random people will be joining it frequently :P
13:52 <caseorganic> lol
13:53 <plamb> anyone in here I'd recognize from cyborg camp?
13:53 <caseorganic> hmm
13:53 <caseorganic> reidab perhaps
13:53 <caseorganic> tylergillies wasn't there
13:53 <plamb> where's max
13:53 <caseorganic> jtbandes was at osbridge
13:53 <caseorganic> he's not in here
13:53 <jtbandes> ohi
13:53 <tylergillies> i wanted to go
13:55 <caseorganic> we missed you
13:55 <caseorganic> hey jtbandes!
13:55 <jtbandes> hi!
13:55 <caseorganic> there will be another one next year
13:55 <caseorganic> how has your break gone?
13:55 <caseorganic> or rather, how is your break going?
13:56 <jtbandes> quite well. been seeing friends a lot, and working a bit
13:58 <_aaronpk> cool. we missed you last Tuesday at the testing party!
13:58 <caseorganic> nice!
13:58 <caseorganic> yes, you're free to come over when you're still in town
13:58 <caseorganic> from 6-10pm weeknights
13:59 <tylergillies> who is plamb?
13:59 <plamb> plamb hides
13:59 <caseorganic> working on Barbird.
13:59 <caseorganic> part of a group who made a startup at cyborgcamp
13:59 <tylergillies> plamb: marshall as in marshall kirkpatrick?
13:59 <caseorganic> !give plamb a hug
13:59 <Loqi> Loqi gives a hug to plamb
14:00 <plamb> yeah marshallk
14:00 <plamb> im also hoping to be considered a geoloqi groupie at some point
14:00 <caseorganic> lol, maybe a loqi groupie
14:01 <caseorganic> w00t
14:01 <Loqi> woot
14:01 <caseorganic> was that at lucky lab nw?
14:01 <tylergillies> yeah
14:02 <tylergillies> i had a shaved face and short hair... heh it looks weird
14:04 <plamb> ahh
14:05 <plamb> we've been so shut in building this product recently that we havent gone to many events
14:05 <caseorganic> it's happening to aaron and i too
14:05 <caseorganic> so we should get out sometime
14:06 <caseorganic> maybe we'll see you a little while at departure tonight
14:06 <IntractableQuery> I hear there's a lot of great bars 10 minutes up the road from us...one day we might actually go in to portland ;)
14:06 <caseorganic> haha - you guys have a sweet place out there
14:06 <Loqi> hehe
14:06 <caseorganic> should totally have another house party
14:06 <caseorganic> that way, the ppl come to you
14:06 <caseorganic> you have a release party yet?
14:06 <tylergillies> its ruby tuesday tonight
14:06 <plamb> you missed our new years party!
14:07 <caseorganic> i know - i was at the coast
14:07 <plamb> nope not yet
14:07 <caseorganic> ruby tuesday!
14:07 <caseorganic> we're sending out betas tonight
14:07 <tylergillies> we usually go to mcminemums
14:07 <caseorganic> nom
14:07 <tylergillies> geoloqi OTA install FTW
14:08 <plamb> its a beta sort of night i guess
14:08 <caseorganic> w00t
14:08 <Loqi> :D
14:08 <caseorganic> http://calagator.org/events/1250459527 Unidentified Database Meetup
14:08 <caseorganic> at urban airship
14:08 <caseorganic> you guys should come to nopoconi sometime
14:08 <plamb> ahh there new office space is pretty cool
14:09 <plamb> our iphone app devs work out of there
14:09 <caseorganic> it's on the complete opposite side of town
14:09 <tylergillies> caseorganic: we played munchkin last night a nopoconi, you ever play before? http://p2p.cowboy.asia/tytroll.jpg
14:09 <caseorganic> oh yeah? cool -
14:09 <caseorganic> i haven't been to their new space
14:09 <caseorganic> lolololol
14:09 <caseorganic> how about timecat?
14:09 <caseorganic> i'd play 500 blank white index cards
14:10 <tylergillies> heh
14:11 <tylergillies> so i only get 10% of the experience?
14:11 <caseorganic> haha - no, just the price
14:11 <caseorganic> thing is, it's all going to be free
14:11 <caseorganic> so - no groupon needed
14:11 <_aaronpk> 90% off of $0 is still $0!
14:12 <caseorganic> true
14:12 <tylergillies> you should charge
14:12 <caseorganic> how much?
14:12 <tylergillies> like 2 bucks
14:12 <caseorganic> we could do it free, then charge
14:12 <caseorganic> 2 bucks
14:12 <caseorganic> i wonder if ppl would buy it
14:12 <caseorganic> it would not really cover the server costs
14:12 <tylergillies> free in freedom shouldn't have to mean free as in beer
14:12 <Loqi> mmm beer
14:12 <caseorganic> lol
14:13 <tylergillies> i would buy it
14:13 <tylergillies> i spent 30 dollars on the logmein.com app
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14:14 <caseorganic> we were thinking of selling layers and things
14:14 <caseorganic> maybe the site is free
14:15 <tylergillies> oh yeah in app purchases
14:15 <tylergillies> speaking of urban airship heh
14:17 <caseorganic> yeah
14:17 <caseorganic> layers
14:17 <caseorganic> we're using urban airship to send push notifications
14:17 <plamb> like trident layers? :)
14:17 <caseorganic> lol
14:17 <caseorganic> that way we save money --
14:17 <caseorganic> on text messages
14:18 <caseorganic> we use tropo for text messages for android and blackberry users
14:18 <caseorganic> since they go through instamapper
14:18 <tylergillies> im a twilio fanboi, but whatevs
14:18 <caseorganic> lol
14:18 <caseorganic> why are you a twilio fanboi?
14:18 <tylergillies> i crashed their HQ in san fran and they gave me free pizza, so i pimp them now
14:18 <caseorganic> haha
14:19 <caseorganic> makes sense
14:19 <caseorganic> tropo had a hackathon that aaron and i won
14:19 <tylergillies> i remember
14:19 <caseorganic> and we were pretty happy with them ever since, as they're way into helping with hackathons and dev
14:19 <caseorganic> but i'm also friends with danielle morrill
14:19 <tylergillies> helping as in sponsoring?
14:20 <caseorganic> wish they wern't so opposed
14:20 <caseorganic> yeah, helping get food, and flying ppl out to help.
14:20 <tylergillies> cool
14:20 <caseorganic> yeah.
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14:50 <caseorganic> hey justin
14:53 <plamb> off to see marshallk
14:53 <caseorganic> have a good one!
14:53 <plamb> potentially see you tonight :)
14:53 <caseorganic> yup
14:53 <caseorganic> rooftops are good for thinking
14:54 <plamb> true
14:56 <tylergillies> plamb: what is your name?
14:58 <tylergillies> hrm barbird looks pretty cool
15:08 <@geoloqi> If you got a beta invite email, you have 2 hours left to send us your UDID! Otherwise, we'll let you know when we do the next round!
15:09 <workshop> caseorganic: hey :-)
15:10 <caseorganic> thanks for the advice on the comp sales
15:10 <caseorganic> i'll look into it further
15:10 <workshop> sure, tho it wasn't much
15:12 <@aaronpk> @cscotta Awesome! Can't wait to start working on the Android version of @geoloqi to try this out!
15:20 <@jhelwig> @geoloqi So, when are we going to see a beta for Android devices?
15:20 <tylergillies> is there an android client?
15:22 <_aaronpk> not yet
15:24 <@geoloqi> @jhelwig The Android version is next up on the list after we get the iPhone app out! In the mean time, check this out http://loqi.me/1vr
15:25 <caseorganic> we need some help with that
15:26 <caseorganic> <--the android client
15:27 <_aaronpk> right, otherwise I'm going to dive into this Android book for a couple weeks and see what comes out
15:30 <caseorganic> good point
15:30 <caseorganic> that didn't go back with the iphone/ipad books
15:31 <caseorganic> bad* - that worked out well, i mean
15:31 <_aaronpk> yes, true
15:31 <verbal> android!
15:31 <verbal> woot woot
15:31 <verbal> is the iphone app out?
15:32 <_aaronpk> we're sending out betas tonight!
15:32 <verbal> can i just get from github
15:32 <verbal> compile and install from there?
15:33 <_aaronpk> the iphone?
15:33 <verbal> no
15:33 <verbal> my computer onto the iphone
15:33 <verbal> assuming i have a dev environment setup
15:33 <verbal> i'm just wondering if i need to be on a special list
15:34 <_aaronpk> ah, if you have xcode stuffs then you can build the project from source
15:34 <_aaronpk> however you'll need an API key to talk to the geoloqi API
15:34 <verbal> how do i get an api key?
15:34 <verbal> i can if i have an account ja?
15:35 <_aaronpk> it's equivalent to making a Twitter app, but there is no form on the site yet. I can set you up tho.
15:40 <tylergillies> it says how to make an api key in the api docs
15:40 <_aaronpk> did I document that already?
15:40 <tylergillies> i thought you did
15:40 <tylergillies> because its in my javascript app and i just copied the api
15:41 <verbal> gotchaa
15:41 <_aaronpk> ah there is a sentence about it here: http://geoloqi.org/API
15:42 <tylergillies> oh
15:42 <tylergillies> by api key i thought you meant access token
15:42 <_aaronpk> ah yea
15:42 <_aaronpk> this is if you want to build your own iPhone app instead of wait for ours
15:43 <tylergillies> This method is for the "sign up" feature of mobile clients and is only available to pre-approved clients
15:43 <tylergillies> didn't know it only gens keys for people who are pre-approved
15:44 <_aaronpk> a bunch of API methods are locked down to specific clients for security reasons
15:44 <tylergillies> oh yeah because the iphone app has username/pass you can't directly pass a token
15:50 <_aaronpk> verbal: I think I have some local changse that aren't pushed up to the repo yet also
15:51 <verbal> ah ok
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17:26 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: how to use Geoloqi with an Android Phone: caseorganic posted a photo: If you hav... http://bit.ly/gcEpKr
17:32 <@anothercasebot> Posted a photo: how to use Geoloqi with an Android Phone http://caseorganic.com/1vv [Flickr]
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19:07 <plamb> man meetings with marshallk are fun
19:15 <caseorganic> sweet
19:15 <caseorganic> yes the are the best in the world
19:15 <caseorganic> we're jamming through this beta list at departure
19:16 <caseorganic> it's good stuff
19:16 <plamb> lol
19:16 <plamb> nice
19:16 <plamb> he always gives us like 96840590456904 new ideas
19:17 <caseorganic> lololol
19:17 <caseorganic> yeah
19:17 <caseorganic> that's an understatement
19:18 <caseorganic> he gives me lots of great productivity software and tips
19:23 <plamb> yeah for sure
19:27 <caseorganic> so you heading over here?
19:30 <plamb> possibly
19:30 <plamb> we came home to eat dinner
19:30 <caseorganic> cool
19:30 <plamb> otherwise
19:30 <plamb> VEGAN STRIP CLUB!!!
19:30 <plamb> :P
19:30 <Loqi> Loqi loves caps
19:30 <caseorganic> haha
19:30 <plamb> i needed the extra emphasis
19:30 <Loqi> awesome
19:31 <caseorganic> !give plamb a handshake
19:31 <Loqi> Loqi gives a handshake to plamb
19:31 <plamb> :)
19:32 <caseorganic> that vegan strip club is hella sketch. good for a group experience though
19:44 <plamb> lol
19:44 <plamb> not as sketchy as some of the other strip clubs in portland
19:45 <plamb> like marys or the acrop
19:45 <caseorganic> marys is awesome!!
19:45 <plamb> mostly a younger crowd at casa diablo
19:45 <plamb> lol
19:45 <caseorganic> also - creepy when they have mother/daughter dancers
19:45 <plamb> yes, lol
19:46 <caseorganic> it's funny because you have to walk through mary's to get to the restrooms of that mexican place next door
19:48 <plamb> haha true
19:48 <plamb> 18 and older :)
19:50 <caseorganic> true
19:50 <caseorganic> oh -- have you been to the *shudder* juice bar?
19:50 <plamb> nope, is that a strip club?
19:51 <caseorganic> yeah!
19:51 <caseorganic> it's an 18+up strip bar
19:51 <caseorganic> because they have juice
19:51 <caseorganic> i knew someone who worked there as a Dj.
19:51 <_aaronpk> oh...*that* kind of juice
19:51 <plamb> lmao
19:52 <plamb> where is that
19:52 <caseorganic> hahah
19:52 <caseorganic> i dunno if it's still open
19:52 <caseorganic> lol we scared away jtbandes
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21:09 <Loqi> 1 files modified in https://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-API-PHP/commits/master by Aaron Parecki
21:42 <@jwlander> geoloqi!
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21:47 <aaronpk-m> tylergillies/reidab do you remember what we did to get geoloqi to install on a jailbroken phone?
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22:52 <@donebysimon> I just send myself a geonote using the Geoloqi beta iPhone app. Excited to go and get this first one :-)
23:31 <tylergillies> aaronpk-m: i have installous which lets me install ipa files
23:32 <tylergillies> we had to ssh into my phone and curl it though
23:32 <tylergillies> the ipa file
23:32 <tylergillies> we had to grep for the installous download folder