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16:42 <aaronpk> hey there
16:43 <techwraith> Your tweets to Oscar reminded me that you guys were on IRC
16:44 <@TechWraith> @dareyoudevil @oscargodson That's a use case for @geoloqi + an iPhone + a lot of charging the phone.
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16:46 <@dareyoudevil> @TechWraith @oscargodson @geoloqi yeah, the battery drain would be the biggest obstacle I would think
16:46 <@aaronpk> @dareyoudevil That's exactly what I've been doing for the last 2+ years, and the reason we're building @geoloqi! http://aaron.pk/1rV
16:48 <@TechWraith> @dareyoudevil @oscargodson @geoloqi @aaronpk Add in a constant video stream from my point of view, and that would be a really sweet data set
16:50 <@dareyoudevil> @aaronpk @geoloqi oh my god it's beautiful too!
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20:44 <@TheEraser> Name To Know: Geoloqi, Foursquare\'s Biggest Threat? http://t.co/pABTBIw via @forbes
20:46 <@AndyBruce> Name To Know: Geoloqi, Foursquare's Biggest Threat? http://t.co/lm9itUk via @forbes
23:08 <@chrisgrayson> Amber @CaseOrganic & @AaronPk Parecki launching #Geo #App: @Geoloqi for #iPhone & #Android. at @Forbes - http://is.gd/ixu2r
23:12 <@brianjeremy> Amber & Aaron are awesome > @CaseOrganic & @AaronPk launching @Geoloqi at @Forbes - http://is.gd/ixu2r /via @chrisgrayson
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