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01:44 <@IHayato> バーチャルなフェンスを作る「ジオフェンシング」というテクノロジーに注目。これを用いると、特定のユーザーが、特定の地域に近付いた/離れる時に自動メッセージを送ることができるとか。"Neer","Geoloqi"なんてサービスがあるようです。実用的な感じで良いですね。
05:38 <@plaxsaysso> RT @puntofisso: "Leave yourself a note which you'll get next time you're at the grocery store" - interesting concept from @geoloqi - http://geoloqi.com
07:12 <@naokih> RT @IHayato: バーチャルなフェンスを作る「ジオフェンシング」というテクノロジーに注目。これを用いると、特定のユーザーが、特定の地域に近付いた/離れる時に自動メッセージを送ることができるとか。"Neer","Geoloqi"なんてサービスがあるようです。実用的な感じで良いですね。
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07:35 <aaronpk> that translates to:
07:35 <aaronpk> Create a virtual fence "Jiofenshingu" called attention to technology. Using it, a user approached a particular region / and you can send an automatic message when you leave. "Neer", "Geoloqi" service seems to be never. I feel good and practical.
07:56 <@GuidoS> @geoloqi perhaps you would like to share a link to the article?
09:12 <@geoloqi> @GuidoS 5 Important New Trends in Location http://loqi.me/1Zc
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14:34 <donpdonp> I feel good and practical.
15:02 <@anothercasebot> Posted a photo: Cyborgs Are Mapping Portland - Geoloqi Art Show at Grassy Knoll Gallery http://caseorganic.com/1_D [Flickr]
15:21 <donpdonp> aaronpk: whats the easiest way for #diaspora-dev to get a bot that posts github commit msgs?
15:25 <aaronpk> I think github has an IRC bot that will jump into the room and post a message
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15:54 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: Cyborgs Are Mapping Portland - Geoloqi Art Show at Grassy Knoll Gallery: caseorgani... http://bit.ly/9vZBXr
15:59 <aaronpk> donpdonp: otherwise, the next easiest way is probably to use the MediaWiki RecentChanges bot and set up a proxy web page that sends data to the bot, but that is slightly more complicated
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19:57 <donpdonp> aaronpk: thx