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08:46 <@puntofisso> "Leave yourself a note which you'll get next time you're at the grocery store" - interesting concept from @geoloqi - http://geoloqi.com
11:08 <@geoloqi> Great speech on @geoloqi and evaporative user interfaces at @intel this morning. Thanks to @kxande2 for the invitation!
11:10 <@justinarenstein> @geoloqi is the evaporative user interface speech online anywhere?
11:10 <@caseorganic> Cool, @geoloqi was mentioned in this epic article on new trends in location from @mashable! http://caseorganic.com/1Zc
11:10 <@geoloqi> Thanks to @jbruin at @Mashable for a great article on new trends in location and for mentioning @geoloqi!
11:10 <Loqi> you're welcome
12:04 <@harscoat> RT @caseorganic: Cool, @geoloqi was mentioned in this epic article on new trends in location from @mashable! http://caseorganic.com/1Zc
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12:56 <@sundriedcoder> @geoloqi what's an "evaporative" user interface?
13:12 <@geoloqi> @sundriedcoder An evaporative user interface is one that doesn't have to be clicked on in order to work. Automatic check-ins, for instance.
13:22 <@geoloqi> @sundriedcoder Having lights turn on when one enters a GPS circle defined as their house is using location as an invisible button.
13:22 <@sundriedcoder> @geoloqi evaporative = passive?
13:24 <@geoloqi> @sundriedcoder Yeah. Passive tech, calm technology, ubiquitous tech. The idea of what used to be a solid button evaporating into air.
13:30 <@sundriedcoder> @geoloqi Evaporative UI = "...solid button evaporating into air.." That analogy makes it clear , thx :)
13:34 <@geoloqi> @sundriedcoder Welcome! It was great to meet you Friday night. Vertigoians FTW!
13:44 <@sundriedcoder> @geoloqi likewise, was a kick ass group that night!
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14:53 <don-n1> welcome back
14:53 <don-n1> im drinking $7 bottles of Bud at JFK
14:54 <aaronpk> ahh overpriced airport beer
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16:16 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: 5 important new Trends in Location - Mashable: caseorganic posted a photo: Geoloqi... http://bit.ly/c4nNpa
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22:02 <@aaronpk> Scheming a location-aware personal phone answering system using @geoloqi and @tropo. Considering calling her "Alice."
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