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12:15 <aaronpk> donpdonp: yes, but only supports circles right now
12:16 <donpdonp> you mean the geonote interface?
12:16 <aaronpk> yes, but geonotes are one specific case
12:16 <donpdonp> right
12:17 <donpdonp> note there is a diaspora seed on donpark.org/diaspora if you havent tried it yet
12:17 <aaronpk> hey cool
12:17 <aaronpk> i haven't installed it yet
12:18 <donpdonp> if its slow its because i crammed yet another app on my micro-server :)
12:18 <aaronpk> still loading...
12:18 <aaronpk> lol
12:18 <donpdonp> im impressed that its mongo-only for data storage
12:23 <aaronpk> soooooo slooowwww
12:24 <donpdonp> slow servers make performance conscious coders, is my motto :)
12:25 <donpdonp> did you get logged in?
12:25 <aaronpk> yea, and I tried adding you but then got that
12:25 <donpdonp> ok. login is about all i expect to work
12:25 <aaronpk> haha ok
12:25 <Loqi> nice
12:25 <donpdonp> NoMethodError (undefined method `href' for nil:NilClass): app/models/person.rb:105:in `from_webfinger_profile' app/models/person.rb:94:in `by_webfinger'
12:25 <donpdonp> looks like it wants something from my webfinger profile
12:26 <aaronpk> oh...not very graceful error handling
12:26 <aaronpk> i may not have entered the right email address. I guessed donp@donpark.org
12:26 <donpdonp> also i go by don@donpark.org, but my webfinger setup responds to anything :)
12:26 <donpdonp> im probably missing a link entry in there
12:26 <donpdonp> im not sure what diaspora wants
12:27 <donpdonp> diaspora is trending on github :)
12:29 <donpdonp> heh probably only because i forked the repo
12:29 <donpdonp> notice it doesnt merge back into anything :)
12:29 <donpdonp> i did make a one-line change and a pull request
12:29 <aaronpk> that's more than most of the 293 forks
12:29 <donpdonp> heh
12:33 <donpdonp> those are some speedier setups
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13:47 <donpdonp> try to fence PDX
13:47 <donpdonp> its crude but workable
13:58 <donpdonp> this facility is crude, but it should be adequate to freeze Solo in carbonite.
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14:56 <Loqi> faddah: aaronpk left you a message on 9/13 at 8:28pm: github issue tracker for feature requests/suggestions/bugs http://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-iPhone/issues
14:58 <faddah> so is aaron actually here?
15:02 <donpdonp> the only way to know is if he says something
15:03 <faddah> aren't you in chicago?
15:03 <faddah> chicago?
15:03 <faddah> that toddlin' town?
15:04 <donpdonp> according to icecondor i am
15:04 <faddah> the Loqi bot says above that he left me a message at http://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-iPhone/issues , but i got there and i don't see where he left me a message ??.
15:04 <Loqi> dude
15:04 <faddah> dude
15:05 <donpdonp> "github issue tracker for feature requests/suggestions/bugs http://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-iPhone/issues" is the message
15:05 <donpdonp> he's saying if there is a problem with geoloqi, file a bug on github
15:06 <faddah> oh
15:07 <faddah> thought he left me a message there
15:07 <faddah> very confusing
15:08 <faddah> allegedly, i'm writing the test matrix based on the features in the wiki for the iPhone app & general mobile devices
15:40 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: Geoloqi Buttons! http://aaron.pk/1ZK [Flickr]
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