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10:14 <aaronpk> oh, excellent.
10:14 <aaronpk> iOS4 will be on iPads in November
10:15 <caseorganic> Woah.
10:20 <donpdonp> so much new apple goodness
10:21 <caseorganic> *chomp*
10:21 <aaronpk> the new ipods have a retina display! yeah!
10:24 <caseorganic> and a camera!
10:24 <caseorganic> Facetime, HD video, etc.
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13:32 <tjgillies> woohoo im at couchio office in oakland
13:32 <tjgillies> sitting on the floor with a ton of people
13:32 <caseorganic> tell them hello from Portland!
13:35 <tjgillies> selena is sitting next to me
13:36 <tjgillies> so is heather, heh im surrounded by portland
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14:04 <caseorganic> hey selena!
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15:44 <@cyborgcamp> @skry @cyborgcamp pre-party will be 10/1 from 7-9 Pm at Grassy Knoll gallery (tentative). We'll have a @geoloqi GPS show, music, and beer!
23:32 <@geoloqi> Quick poll: which Geonote interface do you like better? http://loqi.me/1XP