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09:36 <@geoloqi> @yuetsu That's a great question! We'll have beta test instructions up on the blog within the end of the week.
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14:02 <caseorganic> Hello Mark!
14:02 <caseorganic> Hold on a moment.
14:03 <donpdonp> MarkDilley: hello!
14:04 <Loqi> [[Main Page]] http://geoloqi.org/index.php?diff=307&oldid=273&rcid=308 * Caseorganic * (+62)
14:05 <caseorganic> There's the wiki update to IRC I was talking about.
14:07 <Loqi> [[Beta Test]] N http://geoloqi.org/index.php?oldid=308&rcid=309 * Caseorganic * (+354) Created page with 'If you send us your UUID, you can beta test Geoloqi! ===How do I get my UDID?=== You can copy/paste your UDID from iTunes or email it directly from your device by using a freeā€¦'
14:07 <@yuetsu> is that a @geoloqi in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
14:08 <caseorganic> All the tweets come into the channel too.
14:09 <@loqisaur> @yuetsu Rar, RAR!
14:10 <caseorganic> Loqi is the resident chatbot.
14:10 <Loqi> Loqi grins profusely
14:10 <caseorganic> caseorganic gives Loqi a wiki.
14:10 <Loqi> Loqi grabs the wiki.
14:10 <caseorganic> 25*24
14:10 <Loqi> 25 * 24 = 600
14:10 <caseorganic> Loqi does math.
14:11 <caseorganic> 1 minutes until !say hello!
14:11 <Loqi> I added a countdown scheduled for 8/17 2:12pm
14:11 <caseorganic> Loqi is a timer.
14:12 <Loqi> !say hello!
14:12 <caseorganic> Loqi is also a dinosaur: http://www.flickr.com/photos/caseorganic/4656405665/
14:12 <caseorganic> That's enough for now.
14:12 <caseorganic> <3 Loqi
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14:12 <Loqi> Loqi gives caseorganic a massage
14:12 <MarkDilley> Hello donpdonp
14:13 <donpdonp> donpdonp waves
14:13 <caseorganic> We were talking about IceCondor at lunch!
14:13 <donpdonp> woo!
14:13 <donpdonp> icecondor: where is http://donpark.org/
14:13 <icecondor> donpdonp: Backspace (45.5239, -122.6753, 119 mins)
14:13 <caseorganic> With...Mark, could you remind me of his name and Twitter id?
14:13 <MarkDilley> I think I will hang out here if there is no mind
14:13 <caseorganic> There is no mind at all. Enjoy!
14:13 <MarkDilley> :-)
14:13 <donpdonp> "lurkers welcome" :)
14:13 <caseorganic> Loqi may bite every once in a while.
14:14 <MarkDilley> nice, wiki edits and tweets
14:14 <MarkDilley> you mean freak out?
14:14 <caseorganic> Yeah! In a good way.
14:14 <caseorganic> You might have to feed him.
14:14 <caseorganic> caseorganic gives Loqi a cookie
14:14 <Loqi> Loqi grabs the cookie
14:17 <aaronpk> now I want a cookie
14:17 <Loqi> Loqi gives aaronpk a cookie
14:17 <aaronpk> thanks loqi!
14:17 <Loqi> you're welcome
14:45 <MarkDilley> thanks loqi
14:45 <Loqi> you're welcome
14:45 <MarkDilley> is loqi available for other IRC channels?
14:48 <caseorganic> Loqi lives as Nerdle in other IRC channels.
14:48 <Loqi> who, me?
14:48 <caseorganic> Yes, you Loqi.
14:48 <caseorganic> I'd ask Aaron about that.
14:48 <caseorganic> tjgillies also has one!
14:48 <aaronpk> he can pretty easily join other channels, but I have to set that up
14:50 <Loqi> Loqi does a happy dance!
14:52 <aaronpk> congrats!
14:52 <aaronpk> lol loqi! "happy dance" is in the description of this mechanical turk project http://snip.aaron.pk/2010-08-17_1451.png
14:52 <tjgillies> heh
14:54 <caseorganic> woah.
14:54 <caseorganic> cool, i love what you're doing
14:55 <MarkDilley> Tyler - that is *awesome*
15:02 <caseorganic> Mark, let me know when you're done editing the Volunteers page on cyborgcamp
15:02 <caseorganic> I'm going to columnize it.
15:07 <MarkDilley> think I am done
15:07 <caseorganic> Ok! Great!
15:08 <aaronpk> I just made a Latte for the first time! http://500lattes.aaron.pk/latte/172/
15:08 <MarkDilley> not understanding the templates for <div> - will sit back and learn
15:09 <aaronpk> The templates are there to make right and left columns. That was the quickest way I came up with to do that, but I'm open to suggestions.
15:11 <donpdonp> foam-a-licious
15:11 <MarkDilley> aaronpk: I am loving learning to wiki with you :-)
15:11 <MarkDilley> same with you caseorganic
15:11 <caseorganic> Yeah, wiki-love-fest.
15:12 <caseorganic> !
15:12 <caseorganic> When you're done doing something really awesome, we'd love to hang out and wiki with you on a Monday night.
15:15 <caseorganic> Hey, nice job on removing that header on the main page, Mark!
15:17 <MarkDilley> as with any wiki edit I make, please [[Revert]] when wanted
15:17 <MarkDilley> We had a community person a few years back that would like us to the appropriate page when we WikiLinked or [[Wiki Linked]]
15:17 <MarkDilley> it was fun
15:32 <caseorganic> Interesting!
16:36 <aaronpk> so many calendaring sites!
16:36 <aaronpk> upcoming, plancast, calagator
16:41 <MarkDilley> another local venture - http://dotcal.com/
16:46 <@yuetsu> ooooh, yer so cute, @loqisaur, when ya getz all growly.
16:52 <@yuetsu> .@geoloqi tsk... oral fixation...
16:52 <tjgillies> caseorganic: im going to cyborg camp meeting
16:52 <tjgillies> caseorganic: we just had wherecamp planning there a couple days ago
16:53 <@loqisaur> @yuetsu *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* ROOOOOAAARRR!~~!!
16:53 <caseorganic> oh good! i missed the wherecamp planning
16:53 <caseorganic> great - it'll be good to see you tonight
16:55 <@geoloqi> @yuetsu Our apologies. It was @loqisaur that attempted to chomp you by illegally authorizing our account to get closer.
16:56 <@yuetsu> .@geoloqi @loqisaur get closer, you little scaley thing you...
16:57 <@geoloqi> @yuetsu By the way, here are the @geoloqi beta testing instructions! http://geoloqi.org/Beta_Test
17:00 <@yuetsu> .@geoloqi @loqisaur those instructions are the sexy-sexy-sexiest thing yet!
17:02 <caseorganic> Dude, yuetsu is totally hitting on loqi.
17:02 <aaronpk> oh my
17:04 <caseorganic> That's cool. I think Loqi likes it.
17:04 <Loqi> Loqi is done
17:04 <caseorganic> Haha...perhaps not!
17:04 <Loqi> rofl
17:04 <techwraith> lol, apparently not ;)
17:04 <aaronpk> oh hai techwraith, how long have you been in here, lol
17:05 <techwraith> Roughly 24 hours :)
17:05 <techwraith> Lurking in the shadows
17:05 <aaronpk> I don't have irssi set up to show the user list :/
17:07 <techwraith> I've been using empathy, it's working out so far
17:08 <aaronpk> is that a command line program or gui?
17:09 <techwraith> GUI for Ubuntu
17:10 <techwraith> Same thing I use to chat with gTalk, AIM, etc.
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17:56 <tjgillies> i love quassel
17:56 <tjgillies> it hs a client and server part
17:57 <tjgillies> kinda like a bouncer but its built specically for the client
17:57 <tjgillies> btw, iphone tethering on the bus for the win
17:58 <tjgillies> also has monitoring window where i can watch all channels at the same time
17:58 <tjgillies> which is cool if you're in 20 channels ;)
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21:32 <techwraith> In case anyone is interested, @chrisstumph and I have almost made a chrome extenstion and a Node.js + Socket.IO server that logs your "DigitalLocation" - Once we get it more polished I'll release the barebones code on github :)