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00:21 <tjgillies> nice!
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16:57 <tjgillies> awesome!
16:58 <tjgillies> address to gerojson conversion
16:58 <tjgillies> + geocouch = epic win
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18:54 <faddah> faddah gives Loqi the freshest install of Apple Xcode 3.2.3 & iPhone SDK 4.0.2.
18:54 <Loqi> Loqi grabs the freshest install of Apple Xcode 3.2.3 & iPhone SDK 4.0.2.
18:54 <faddah> faddah gives Loqi the gusto.
18:54 <Loqi> Loqi gives back the gusto.
18:55 <faddah> faddah gives Loqi a snuggy.
18:55 <Loqi> Loqi laughs at the snuggy.
18:55 <faddah> faddah give Loqi a tickle.
18:55 <Loqi> who, me?
18:55 <faddah> faddah responds to Loqi, "yes, you."
18:55 <faddah> 'k. got Xcode 3.2.3 & iPhone SDK 4.0.2 all installed. ... now whut?
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19:46 <faddah> 'k. got Xcode 3.2.3 & iPhone SDK 4.0.2 all installed. ... now whut?
19:56 <donpdonp> faddah: copy the source code with 'git clone http://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-iPhone.git'
19:56 <faddah> is 'git clone an app? where do i get that?
19:56 <donpdonp> all good things happen on the commandline :)
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21:14 <faddah> "-bash: git: command not found"
21:15 <aaronpk> you can just download the zip file too
21:23 <donpdonp> faddah: you can install git by installing 'homebrew' first http://mxcl.github.com/homebrew/
21:23 <donpdonp> or use the zipfile.
21:23 <aaronpk> no need to install git unless you plan on contributing source code changes, easier to just download the zip
21:24 <donpdonp> updating the code with git is simpler
21:25 <faddah> This script requires the user yuetsu to be in the staff group. If this
21:25 <faddah> sucks for you then you can install Homebrew in your home directory or however
21:25 <faddah> you please; please refer to the website.
21:26 <faddah> do you guys have anything that will actually _run_ on a mac?
21:26 <donpdonp> faddah: homebrew is the current hotness for installing open source code on a mac. ive not used it before.
21:26 <faddah> i'm sure it is
21:27 <faddah> but "homebrew" will not even install on my machine
21:27 <donpdonp> faddah: if git is a pain point, go with the zip file
21:27 <faddah> and i meet all the requirements
21:27 <aaronpk> fwiw I have never heard of Homebrew until just now
21:27 <donpdonp> aaronpk: its supposed to be more l33t than macports
21:28 <aaronpk> I downloaded git as a binary http://code.google.com/p/git-osx-installer/
21:28 <aaronpk> super not l33t of me I know
21:28 <aaronpk> but sometimes I like things that just work :D
21:28 <donpdonp> donpdonp nods
21:29 <faddah> gee, wotta concept. :P
21:29 <Loqi> Loqi grabs faddah's tongue
21:29 <faddah> faddah grab Loqi "you know where."
21:30 <faddah> ok, downloaded & ran package installer for git 1.7.2 for mac os x
21:30 <faddah> trying now
21:31 <faddah> ok, got the source from git
21:31 <faddah> now whut?
21:31 <donpdonp> faddah: the source code is an xcode project.
21:31 <donpdonp> faddah: open xcode and try to compile it.
21:31 <donpdonp> faddah: as to how, you're on your own :)
21:32 <donpdonp> aaronpk might be able to help but I dont have OS X
21:32 <aaronpk> if you haven't compiled and installed programs with xcode before, you're in for a night of fun.
21:33 <aaronpk> figuring out how all the provisioning profile and signing stuff works is ... interesting
21:36 <faddah> great, you guys didn't think of making "install these dependencies first on mac os x" notes?
21:37 <donpdonp> faddah: after the sunday parkways ride, i tought you might like to have geoloqi on your phone
21:37 <donpdonp> faddah: perhaps the software is not far enough along to be easily installed
21:38 <faddah> i do, but i also want to go to sleep sometime tonight to get up early for yoga & the storage box pick up person coming tomorrow morn.
21:38 <donpdonp> perhaps when we are both cafe'ing, we can look at it then.
21:39 <faddah> well, it built & ran ok
21:39 <faddah> the iPhone simulator, however, shows me as being in san francisco. and for some reason, in its western united states map screen, there's a line from portland, oregon to denver, colorado (??)
21:40 <aaronpk> that's actually a good sign..the app is hard-coded with a shared device key, when the map loads it pulls down the latest 200 points logged with that key. you're seeing data from someone who ran it in denver
21:40 <donpdonp> faddah: congrats on building the software!
21:41 <aaronpk> the simulator will show your location in SF by default
21:41 <faddah> yeah, it's an Xcode & iOS project —> no biggie. i might as well be the monkey in the chinese box
21:41 <faddah> got it, just turned on location finding
21:42 <faddah> oooh... it's zeroing in on donpdonp
21:44 <faddah> now how do i get this into my iPhone?
21:44 <faddah> or iPad?
21:45 <donpdonp> faddah: what I know is, it involves setting up an apple developer account, and various signing key dances.
21:46 <faddah> yeah, i have an appple developer acct., where/how do i get the keys. i can put it on my iPad right now (phone got zotz'd on last update, working on it)
21:46 <donpdonp> faddah: im not familiar with those steps.
21:46 <faddah> anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?
21:49 <aaronpk> I think the new version of the apple developer site has some good walkthroughs
22:05 <faddah> which part? it's a big site...