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07:24 <faddah> faddah gives loqi a hearty handshake.
07:24 <Loqi> Loqi hearts the hearty handshake.
07:25 <faddah> faddah gives Loqi a high five
07:25 <Loqi> Loqi gives back the high five
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15:15 <donpdonp> celluose augmented reality http://kelsocartography.com/blog/?p=4002
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18:22 <donpdonp> tennis?
18:24 <caseorganic> prepping for cyborg anthro webcast
18:24 <caseorganic> but man...tennis sounds good
18:24 <caseorganic> did you go last night?
18:24 <caseorganic> looked like a rave out there
18:25 <donpdonp> it was hopping last night for sure. the court was dark though.
18:25 <caseorganic> darn
18:26 <donpdonp> whats the url for the anthro webcast?
18:29 <donpdonp> oh its on thursday. cool! http://calagator.org/events/1250458862
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18:46 <faddah> faddah gives Loqi the razz.
18:46 <Loqi> Loqi loves the razz.
18:46 <faddah> faddah gives Loqi even more razz.
18:46 <Loqi> Loqi is done
18:47 <faddah> faddah give Loqi yet more razz and puts it where the sun don't shine
18:47 <faddah> faddah now gives Loqi a burrito.
18:47 <Loqi> Loqi eats the burrito.
18:48 <faddah> faddah gives Loqi some salsa with that.
18:48 <Loqi> Loqi hearts the salsa with that.
18:48 <faddah> faddah gives Loqi some Gaviscon
18:48 <Loqi> Loqi grabs the Gaviscon
18:48 <faddah> stomach hurting already, Loqi?
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22:47 <@caseorganic> @nickkauf Thanks! That might be something @aaronpk and I could submit @geoloqi data to. We have a bunch written up already.
23:28 <aaronpk> sometimes i wish my job was making chat bots
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